Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is A Place Haunted Or Cursed?

I would think that every foot of the earth is haunted. But, why is it that we don't see hoards of ghosts wondering around. Or, is it that a certain places are just plain cursed? Some people during life have a miserable time alive. That, I think, hauntings are just a continuation on death their misery. And, the place where they last lived their days capture the misery of the persons soul. This is just another theory. Believe me, there are many high strung people out there. I believe it wont end when their dead. Not by a long shot. If you notice, it's the energy that they carried might be what is the answer to why spirits exist? I think if a person has an understand about "life" they can die a peaceful death. And, move on. If there are several spirits haunting the same place. It's just the general "vibe" your picking up of these people during their lives living there. In that particular place. And, still living on in the problems and hard lives they had when they were alive living there. What spirit would go back a do a "residual" haunt? It's the "stress" while alive that keeps them coming back again, and again. It's sad when you think about it that way. I believe when people investigate a place. You have the responsibility to help these poor souls rest. By a prayer and tell them it's ok to move on. It's a kind of mean to leave them that way. Forever.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Do Ghosts Travel? Where Is Their Luggage?

Always heard a ghost "follows" a person. Or, a person had died in one place. But, shows up in another place? Or, does "it" follow an object? Very confusing? Which is it!
If a person's soul stays were they died. The the hospitals will be filled "up the kazoo" with ghosts. Can ghost really, truly, travel? Overseas, different states. Can they really jump around like that? What happens when the living moves? How can their deceased loves one know where they went?
And, can psychics really "call" a spirit to travel to them? All these questions are really never brought up in the paranormal shows, or recent books. And, why is it that some spirits just can't get out of a place? Another words, stuck. I did read somewhere that someone asked, "Why isn't the world swamped with spirits? Where do they go?". Very good question!
Me, personally, I believe that a spirit would first would like to be around a loved one. And, then you would have the other kind of spirit that the person went through a terrible experience when still alive. But, I also believe that they do leave sooner or later. Now, that's the part of the question I can't answer for myself. Where do they go?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jason and Grant at Ft. Mifflin. And, Beyonce is Next Door!

Just had to add this. So, today I wanted to know what else we can do other then go to the "shore". Or, just for me, Atlantic City. Found out Jason and Grant of TAPS is at Ft. Mifflin, PA tonight, tomorrow, Sunday (I believe). But, get this! For $20.75 I can see Beyonce sitting in the boondocks. OR, spent $265.00 to go to Ft. Mifflin (by the way, it's sold out, try Craigslist). It's rainy, and no air conditioning. Now,let me see, which would I rather go to (deep thinking, now). BEYONCE! And, grab a Hoagie at Tony Luke's. Woo Hoo!

Michael Jackson and Voodoo? Strange, huh!

Heard of his passing yesterday. It's a little sad for me. Was just listening to his music the other day. The "music" was so much a part of my younger years of my life. He will be sorely missed!
But, in keeping in the theme of my blog. Not many people knew of his involvement with Voodoo? Yes, I know what your thinking. He was involved in this too? On top of every strange stories of his life. Yes, he was. In an article in Vanity Fair, April 2003 they wrote about his "odd" behaviors. One being that in 2000 Jackson went to Switzerland for a Voodoo ritual. He paid $150,000 to have Steven Spielburg and David Geffen with 23 other people "to die" to which 42 cows were sacrificed for the ceremony. And, in another ceremony he had a "blood bath" ritual cleansing which he was involved in using sheep's blood. And, more money was spent, close to a million dollars. This is going back to all my past posts talking about people doing "spells". People find this so hard to believe. But, yes, they do. As funny and weird as it maybe. And, much more then people realize. It's a big business.
So, as strange as we thought MJ was. He was a fantastic and talented man. No doubt about it. So, again, thank you so much for the great music you gave the world. Thanks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catholicism, Very Mystical Indeed!

Remember this is my take on the subject. But, to a lot of people they see Catholics like a big mystery. And, it is! Still learning after all these years. Judaism is not far behind. The prayers, robes, symbols and more. Why we see the "occult" as being so much from left field is something I still don't understand. The bread and blood of Christ is wafers and wine we must take internally. A symbol. Candles for novenas. To insure your prayers will work and a blessing for you. Confessionals, to relieve ourselves of our sins. Incense, for cleansing. Special medals, a material ones like scapulars made of different colors. And, to have them blessed by a priest. Carry cards with prayers on them for luck.
But, there are some oddball beliefs in this too. Like, you would see statues of the Virgin Mary in front of houses. Even with a light on them. To some people this is because when a prayer of theirs worked. They promised to but the statue outside for everyone to see. Some people, if a prayer didn't work. Might bury the statue of St. Anthony upside down in their front yard. Others have to make the sign of the cross every time they pass a church or cemetery. Some women still wear a hat or lace to church. At one time we had to all do this before entering. And, still others eat fish on Friday's. This is another thing we no longer have to do. But, we have Lent. The fasting. We celebrate Christ rising from the dead every Easter. So, why do we see the paranormal or occult with all the rituals and beliefs so very odd? I don't, to me they are all the same. From all the religions that are out there. Yup, their all the same to me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Occult/Mystic Shops. Don't Be Afraid To Visit.

Some people will find this hard to believe in this day and age. But, people still cast spells. If you go to Barnes and Noble there is a whole section of books right under people's noses. And, they also sell Tarot Cards. Yes, really! But, don't play with this stuff unless you read it and respect it carefully. There are shops all over the place that sells supplies for the spells. In NYC you have Enchantments, Inc. They will even help you make your rituals together for you with instructions too. Oh, and, they are online too. In Philly you have Harry's Occult Shop. There they do the same and they have readers there as well. There are tons of Botanica's all over the country. They are under many names, and different religions (Voodoo, Santeria, Wicca, etc). But, they can do spells. Black Magic is a totally different ball game. It is what it is. And, it's not good. All these other spells are usually called White Magic. To make someone who's sick better or help to get a job/money. Maybe to get a good husband or wife. Or, to break a black magic spell that someone has put on you. The main spells always use candle. But, there not regular candles they have to be "dressed". And, it's better to have someone else make them for you. They have baths, teas, dust powder, even to spray or mopping liquids to cleanse your house with. Or, just "objects" to carry with you for protection/or health. So, drop in sometime. They don't bite. If they are too pushy to sell you stuff. Walk out. These guys usually leave people alone.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is There A Right Way To Do A Paranormal Investigation?

Just saw last week's Ghost Adventures. Something very interesting happened. I was at my son's apartment watching the show with him. And, we had a very interesting conversation afterward. We noticed when they were using the thermal image camera they scanned the desert outside the mission where they were investigating. And, they saw an image of a "person" with no legs in the center of the desert. So, me and my son both came to the same conclusion; an entity doesn't need energy to materialize. I've seen this before in other paranormal shows. They always say you need electricity, batteries, equipment, limestone, even energy from "live" people. To make it easier for them to form. Really? Ghost have been around since the beginning of time. They have been written about, talked about, since forever. Ghosts are not just seen at night, or when lights are turned off. The majority of people see them in the day. Pictures, security cameras, have taken of them in the daytime. I've had all my personal experiences during the day. So, what does this all mean? And, who created all these guidelines? I personally believe you can throw all this out the window. But, my son bought up some points. He said,"Why don't they have some lights on when investigating. And, even use candles. Like the way people years earlier use to use when walking around at night?" They'll say it's quieter in the evening. But, that's not totally true? A lot of animals roam at night. And, critter crawl indoors in the late evening. Which causes a "different" kinds of noises. Bottom line, there's no right or wrong way. An investigator should ask one main question. When did you have your experience. Night or Day. And, do the investigation when they explained when they had the experience.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Are You Superstitious? I Am, A Little?

Now, why would I write about superstitions with the paranormal? A lot of it was created by religion itself. It's said it was made up by the elders of the community to have the young people to get involved in their religion. Mainly they became religious to "Protect" themselves from all these superstitions from their everyday lives. Some people will say it's more psychological. True! I would say that's part of it too. The "Bottom Line" it's for protection.
My mother grew me and my sister up with tons of superstitions. My sister still follows them. Me, I stopped many of them. There were just to many to remember. Don't put a hat on the bed. Don't lay on top of a table. If you spill salt, throw over the left shoulder. When a knife, fork, spoon fall on the floor it means someone is coming. But, each means a different way how they are going to arrive. If a comb falls on the floor you have to spit on it and stamp it will your foot. Same with a broom that touches your foot. Don't let a nun cross your path. Same thing about a black cat. Have a horseshoe on top of your front door. Don't have a bird in your house. Peacock feathers are bad luck. If your hand itches it means your getting money. If an eyelash falls out, put it in your hand and blow it off to get your wish. Oh, there's much more. And, these superstitions are from my family, alone.
It is also believed if you do "All" these rituals of superstition. You will keep "Bad" spirits away from you. Or, just plain stopping them from "haunting" you. Because it is seen by many that spirits are really just an omen of bad luck.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sorry, But these Ghosties Shows Are Getting Boring!

Remembered, not to long ago, I would drop everything. And, I mean everything. Like going out to shop. Or, to a movie. Even appointments. Just to see all these paranormal shows. Now, it's like, so what! I know I shouldn't feel this way. But, does anybody else notice all the "new" series come around the same time? And, the Wednesday nights of "Ghost Hunter" allnighters. Please! It's like beating a dead horse. And, I hate to say it, but their all pretty much alike. What to do, what to do! I was talking to my son the other night, he said, "It's boring! All they do is walk around in the dark. And, say, Did you hear that? Did you see that? And all we see is "them". And, hear horrible EVPS." And, you know what? He right! The EVPS always sound garbled. The skeptics out there don't have to worry about anybody having to show "proof". Pretty soon they'll just be no shows anymore (for now). It hard to make this look "fresh". It's the how, and the way they, the individual shows investigate. And, their all the same. That's the whole problem in a nutshell. Somebody has to come in a break the mold. Just a complete turn-around. That would really blow peoples minds. I said that to my son. But, he said, "How many different ways can you investigate. If you find usually "nothing"?" He got a point!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do Our Different Cultures Make for Different Beliefs in the Paranormal?

I'll admit I'm not familiar with other countries. I've never been abroad. Would love to someday. But, living here, in the US gives you this melting pot of people. With different beliefs, that they so willing to share. And, there would be naturally different paranormal beliefs too. In the Northeastern part of the country they follow Wicca, Pagan, and other Northern European beliefs that came with them to the New World. In the Southern part of the country they follow Voodoo or Hoodoo. It's the mixture of the slaves, the French, the local Indian Tribes. And, with Spanish speaking countries in the New World came Santeria. The mixture of the Spanish, slaves and local Indian Tribes. This is a very interesting subject that know one so far have tried to bring to the surface. They'll say, "These are religions?". But, these are religions that believe in the supernatural. They believe in spells, mediums, spirits and hauntings.
This is where there is a problem in understanding, "Beliefs". When people are trying very hard to put "Science" into the mix. There is an old saying, "You have to crawl. Before you can walk". The same holds true here. You have to understand the "Beliefs" before you can throw "Science" into the mix. Is the paranormal different in other parts of the world, or is it all the same? That's the question?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is An "Object" Haunted"? Not Sure?

Many people believe an object can retain a "haunting" of some sort. I'm not to sure about that? My house is filled with old furniture, pottery, china, jewelry and on and on. My sister absolutely will not have anything old (and that includes my mother, just kidding!)in her home. If you think about it just a second, that's what they say about old homes. It retains some sort of psychic energy. There are tons of stories out there about a "haunted" objects. There are sometimes "curses" attached to the story also. Like "The Hope Diamond". Lately, saying an object is "haunted" will sell better on Ebay then a plain old piece of junk. Just give a crazy story to it and "presto" somebody buys it for more then it's worth. To give you one story of an haunted object is "Robert the Doll" in Key West, FL. I saw the doll and personally all I saw was (excuse the language)one ugly a** doll. You know those old fashion creepy looking dolls. Those poor kids years ago, when you think about it. This is all they had to play with. The story goes: This doll belonged to a little boy in the late 1800's. And, if anything happened or went wrong. He would blame it on Robert. So, the parents got sick and tired will all the happenings going on. The sent the doll to the attic. Well, Robert didn't like that so he started to scare the neighborhood kids going to school from the attic window. When the boy's parents died. He brought Robert back down. He got married. His wife got spooked by Robert. And, sent him back to the attic. But, do I believe the whole story behind the doll? Nah!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, You Must Be Psychic! Not!

This is another topic I really don't like discussing. Now, not because I don't believe some people have this "gift". Even myself, I'm a sensitive. But, that's for another day. The reason is, if people don't believe in ghosts. They believe in psychics even less. A true psychic doesn't waste your time and theirs. They'll talk about an "impression only" when they think it needs to be said. At the Meetup that I spoke about previously. There was a woman doing readings. I sat there listening to her. And, I knew she was a fake a mile away. All she did was ask the very basic questions. Or, say simple statements. Like, "You didn't flush your toilet today!" as an example. I felt like jumping up from my chair and scream, "Fake!". But, of course I didn't. Only two shows now show psychics, Most Haunted and Paranormal State. And, they have been criticised for using them. If any of you watch MH. You would know what happen with Derek Acorah? He was banished from the show because false information was given to him ahead of time. And, he repeated it. Some people still love him. But, he hurts those who are worth a grain of salt. David Wells was a true psychic. And, a good one at that. He wasn't overboard. And, he went to the point in an investigation. On the other hand on Paranormal State you have Chip Coffey. Him I'm still not sure about. I would lean more that he's more like Derek. This is a very tricky subject. But, if you meet one, don't give them any information. If they ask? Get up and walk out. And, if they give you "general" information, fagataboutit! Run!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Skeptics, What a Confusion?

I've been involved in what was called originally the supernatural a very, very long time. Like I've said before, it was all very hush-hush. You would be seen as a fruitcake, crackpot, etc. Since the onset of all these paranormal shows. A new brigade of people came on board. People that once just saw all this as Stephen King novel painted it to be. A story. But, people like myself that have had personal experiences understand better. We are believers, but, we do see things first skeptical. Meaning, you don't believe in "everything" you see, or hear and feel. But, these "skeptics" are people that just don't believe in anything paranormal. And, try to prove so by buying all this equipment. Some of it is just plain garbage that someone put together. Of bits and pieces they have in a old shoe box in their basement. Or, garage. Maybe pieces out of old toys. They're making some fast bucks. On pieces that cost them maybe $15.00 to make. But, they charge hundreds. Buyer Beware!
But, why are these "skeptics" involved, for what? To win an argument? To prove that there nothing out there, once and for all? Or, is it, to have an "experience" and make money on it. Remember, we believers are seen as being bias to the paranormal. So, does this mean if a "skeptic" has an experience it has more creditability then a "believer"? I really believe this is the case in a nutshell. Let's put it this way, having my first experience came to me. Like many believers. I didn't go to it. As for the old time skeptics. Like Randi, they were skeptical in everything from soup to nuts. And, that's ok, I respect that.

Went to a Paranormal "Meetup" Yesterday. Oh, Boy!

Sorry, guys it was another busy "long" weekend for me. Anyway,I joined this Meetup group online. Been with them awhile. But, never been to any of their Meets. The have 698 members so I thought they must be a well organized group. Well, I was wrong!
They been around a long time had already had about two dozen or so Meetup's. Including trips to haunted locations and paranormal investigations. So, I thought this would be great for me and my husband to do during the summer months. I signed for my first Meetup that was to talk about false paranormal groups. Groups using the paranormal for other purposes. Like selling equipment that don't work. Things like that. It was quite a distance for me to get to their venue. And, I drag my son along. He had to travel from where he lives to meet us. It was in back of a Natural Food Store. It had a prefect enclosed area for meetings. But, it was a mess in there. A vacuum cleaner and other "junk" in one area of the room. Chairs thrown in the middle. A queer corner for the speaker to stand. It was just a plain old mess. We walk in about 10 minutes late. But, I noticed right away there was a woman running "this" group about 10 people. But, she was doing psychic readings? I found out it was another meeting going on. So, where's everybody, of the 20 that should show up for mine? So, everyone left. And, this small gentleman sat down in the center of the room. I found out the original speaker had an operation. So, this poor man was running the meeting. But, he had no clue what to do or say. It was embarrassing. I think he was slightly retarded. Which made this all the more sad. Then another gentleman came in to sell DVDs about the paranormal. And, another gentleman came in from the street. We left after 10 minutes. I emailed the organizer about that he should have canceled. He said he can't do that on Meetup. Needless to say. I dropped the group from my list of Meetup's. And, I would be more cautious the next time. Don't be fooled by how many members they have. It's a little like Myspace. It doesn't mean a thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: "Drag Me to Hell"

Saw this movie over the weekend. You guys have to see it. It was a blast. First of all it's based on what's going on today's world. Which gives it a more personal touch. And, it's more comical than people think. Without losing the scare factor. Love it! Like a roller coaster ride feel to it. I don't want to give any of it away. But, it's worth the wait to see the ending. No spoilers here my friend. So, enjoy!

**** 4 popcorn buckets

Why Can't Ghosts Where Sunglasses?

Many people ask the same question. Why can't you do an investigation in the daytime?
The funny thing about that is. Most people that have had a personal experience had it in the daylight hours. Not during the "bewitching hours" which usually investigations are done. In the darkness your eyes play tricks on you. Because our eyes are usually are adjusting constantly. I would love an opthamologist take on this matter. But you have to understanding? During the daylight hours we see things as they are. I have had several personal experiences. All during the day. Me, I can walk in pure darkness. And, not see a darn thing. So, I always question the validity of these TV investigators finds. Oh, seeing "things" in the middle of the night is based on science alright. Medical science. How our eyes operate. Now, they'll say, "Oh, we have all this equipment that pick up what we can't". But, the equipment is not a 100% accurate. They said that themselves. The Thermal Imaging is interesting. But, the idea of feeling a "cold spot". And, the entities grabbing energy from batteries. And, in turn creating "heat"? That's what you see on the thermal, so they say. But, to produce that kind of heat you need a 98.6 degree and above reading to get that deep red on the thermal. With those dinky batteries? I don't think so. Give me proof from a "daytime" investigation. And, then I'll believe them.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Which is More Haunted? Town or Country?

Isn't it strange that all the haunted locations are at places that are less populated. Did anyone else noticed that? It's a little bizarre to me. Coming from NYC. We know that almost every corner has a history of some sort of demise happened. In an apartment house that I lived in. A woman jumped out of a 5th Floor window and died right at the entrance to the building. Two men were murdered at the floor below me. And they weren't found until three days later. You really can't escape it if you wanted to. And, two blocks from my house was one of the largest cemeteries in NYC.
And, I also notice that many ghost investigators and forum users are based in small towns. I think people from big city are so used to living with the spirit world. We just ignore the bangs, the shadows, the touches. It's everyday life. The lower part of Manhattan is one of the most haunted locations in the world. In a tiny concentrated area. And, yet no one ever talks about "hauntings" in large cities. Or, in apartment houses. It's always some small out-of-the-way location that we never heard of. When I used to go home on the subway in NY (this is years ago)I remembered having to work late. And, I would be the only person on the platform. This is no joke. I can hear steps of someone walking on the platform very clearly. But, I just got use to it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sleep with Ghosts, Haunted Hotels and B&B's

Doesn't it seem lately almost every B&B around seems to be haunted? Lol, years ago a place would never call their place haunted in fear of losing business. Now it seems fashionable. Cape May in South Jersey in one such place with it's pretty gingerbread homes. Was always shown to be a place to go with your family to a cosy, quaint, homey place to relax by the shore. But, now there's a huge call card of sorts. To go there for Haunted Cape May. They have one of the best Haunted Tours in the US. Heck, even Most Haunted USA went there. To Cape May? It's almost surreal to think about. I remember going there to whale watch. Hauntings? Never! Not saying South Jersey is not known for the Jersey Devil. But, this seems odd? To even think that stories of ghosts there traveled all the way to England. Really I never heard anything before. So, sometimes you wonder how true all the stories are. I'm not saying they couldn't be haunted. But, let's face facts. People in the old days died at home. The even built "coffin corners" on stairways in some homes. So coffins can go down the stairs from the second floor. So, yeah, some places are haunted. But, every hotel and B&B? Nah!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did the Paranormal Field Becoming the "IN" Thing to Do?

Did you know when Paranormal Investigating got started? The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in London, England in the late 1880's. At the turn of the century only a few hundred people worked in the field in the whole world. F.W.H. Meyers wrote The Census of Hallucinations in the late 1890's. And, also written Human Personality and Survival of Bodily Death.
Not giving my age away. But, I remembered this field being seen as a lot of hocus pocus. No joke! Someone like myself who was brought up understanding this field knew that the people "outside" would never understand what this was all about? I was brought up to, "Don't talk about it. They'll think your crazy!". People always talked about haunted houses or tales. But, personally I think this whole new notion of paranormal investigating started with Scooby Doo. Then Ghost Busters. Which started as a joke. But, it impressed the young kids at the time to the point when they grew up they made it "real". Notice how young all these investigators are? They watched the show. And, saw the movie. But, is this an actual science that they are trying to do?
To me all these haunted locations seems to take the back burner. Which is a shame. And, all these, so called, investigators all became TV personalities. We know them by their first names, for heaven sakes. But, do we really remember the "ghosts" or the "locations", the "stories". No, not really. I'm bored of watching these TV personalities walking around locations, and the cameras looking at their faces for a whole hour long show. I want the juicy story of the location. And, the people who lived there.
Now, your getting every Tom, Dick and Harry involved in the field. Is it to "really" understand the paranormal or the location and ghosts. Or, is it to get "famous". And, for people to recognized them walking down the street. And, signing autographs.
To me this is not the true supernatural field I remembered as a child. The real deal.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paranormal Terminology. Whatttt?

This is a subject I tried very hard to dodge. Because I plainly don't get it? And, who determine these terms? OK, Apparition I could understand. But, Vortex? Do we really know there's one? Or, Residual Haunting, the meaning, doing the same "thing"-like movement, over and over. Are they positive about that? Poltergeist and Intelligent Hauntings or Inhuman Entity. OK, one is suppose to be worst then the other? But, their all "ghosts" right? As living human beings we don't give ourselves different names. Now, now, don't go there, Lol! I mean were Humans. Ectoplasm, this to me is hogwash. Orbs? Is there really such a thing? Astral Plane, well there some religious believes on this one. Apport, don't ask.
There's ton's more. But, when, who, and how did this all get started? Or, is this just a way for a person to get someone to listen to them. Or, to just make a quick buck. By writing books, holding classes, getting clients. Big business. There are other terms as well. Like, Cold Spots, EVP, Thermal-Imaging and on and on. But, do we all realize that all this is based on "air" or to a skeptic "nothing". Don't get me wrong I'm a believer. But, at the simple sense of the word (because of my own personal experiences). I don't even know why a true skeptic would get involved in any of this other then they want to "truly" have an experience of their own. Or, make money. Like a "Parapsychologist". Yup, another word to throw out there. But,why?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My article in Huliq News

Posted June 02,2009 under Society, Philadelphia, Travel

Going to a Haunted Location, over and over again! Oh, brother!

Lol! What is it lately that on TV programs, books or even magazines repeat the same story over and over again. I'm thinking to myself, "OK! I got it already! Can we move on the something different!". Being in the Philly area is amazing what stories are around. And, you think, "Why isn't anything written on this? Or, that!" I mean, I'm even thinking of writing a few on here. So, I'm not going to go to much into that now.
But, let's talk about the "why?" they keep repeating the stories. Can it be that they are not allowed to go to some of these locations? Or, they rather play it safe by writing or talking about places that people or the general public know about? It does make you think. My husband is into the Civil War. He buys books and magazines on the Civil War. I don't get it? It's repeating the same story, isn't it? The show Paranormal State believe it or not. They stick to being different. Meaning they don't go to familiar places or repeat themselves. Applauds to you. Ghost Adventures are pretty good. But, their falling into the same pitfalls as the other shows. A lot of mags that are around are just rehashing the same story. I'll just read them in Barnes & Noble or Borders. It's not worth buying. Books? Fiction seems to sell better. It's so sad there are many great stories to be told. So, will see if I'll write a few here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Angels, Vampires, Werewolfs, Oh, my!

Now, this is a subject I'm still trying to understand? Many people do believe in these subjects. Me, I'm not sure? I'm Roman Catholic. And, were suppose to believe in angels. It's confusing to understand the difference between a regular angel and a guardian angel. Are they the same? Is a "guardian angel" the same as a "spirit guide"? For me I see those two are the same. As for just a plain angel? I'm on the fence.

Now about vampires. I don't believe this is real. Oh, you might have some nutty's that drink blood, yuck the thought. But, a vampire? No! This is all just pure fiction. Like a book is suppose to be. As for being based on a true story. Can be possible. But, like I said it's someone with a screw or two loose. The story about garlic, stakes and bats. I have no clue were that came from. Maybe an old Romanian wives tale.

For werewolf's. Ah, now this is a very tricky one. As for being an actual "werewolf" like the way the story is told. At midnight on at a full moon (notice midnight is a key element for all paranormal)a human male turns into a wolf. And, can only be killed by a silver bullet. The "turning into" a wolf part and silver bullet again is pure fiction. But, the "werewolf" part is true. Yes, true! There are people that grow hair all over their bodies. From head to toe. And that, I believe were this story comes from.