Monday, June 29, 2009

Do Ghosts Travel? Where Is Their Luggage?

Always heard a ghost "follows" a person. Or, a person had died in one place. But, shows up in another place? Or, does "it" follow an object? Very confusing? Which is it!
If a person's soul stays were they died. The the hospitals will be filled "up the kazoo" with ghosts. Can ghost really, truly, travel? Overseas, different states. Can they really jump around like that? What happens when the living moves? How can their deceased loves one know where they went?
And, can psychics really "call" a spirit to travel to them? All these questions are really never brought up in the paranormal shows, or recent books. And, why is it that some spirits just can't get out of a place? Another words, stuck. I did read somewhere that someone asked, "Why isn't the world swamped with spirits? Where do they go?". Very good question!
Me, personally, I believe that a spirit would first would like to be around a loved one. And, then you would have the other kind of spirit that the person went through a terrible experience when still alive. But, I also believe that they do leave sooner or later. Now, that's the part of the question I can't answer for myself. Where do they go?

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