Monday, June 1, 2009

Angels, Vampires, Werewolfs, Oh, my!

Now, this is a subject I'm still trying to understand? Many people do believe in these subjects. Me, I'm not sure? I'm Roman Catholic. And, were suppose to believe in angels. It's confusing to understand the difference between a regular angel and a guardian angel. Are they the same? Is a "guardian angel" the same as a "spirit guide"? For me I see those two are the same. As for just a plain angel? I'm on the fence.

Now about vampires. I don't believe this is real. Oh, you might have some nutty's that drink blood, yuck the thought. But, a vampire? No! This is all just pure fiction. Like a book is suppose to be. As for being based on a true story. Can be possible. But, like I said it's someone with a screw or two loose. The story about garlic, stakes and bats. I have no clue were that came from. Maybe an old Romanian wives tale.

For werewolf's. Ah, now this is a very tricky one. As for being an actual "werewolf" like the way the story is told. At midnight on at a full moon (notice midnight is a key element for all paranormal)a human male turns into a wolf. And, can only be killed by a silver bullet. The "turning into" a wolf part and silver bullet again is pure fiction. But, the "werewolf" part is true. Yes, true! There are people that grow hair all over their bodies. From head to toe. And that, I believe were this story comes from.

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