Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is An "Object" Haunted"? Not Sure?

Many people believe an object can retain a "haunting" of some sort. I'm not to sure about that? My house is filled with old furniture, pottery, china, jewelry and on and on. My sister absolutely will not have anything old (and that includes my mother, just kidding!)in her home. If you think about it just a second, that's what they say about old homes. It retains some sort of psychic energy. There are tons of stories out there about a "haunted" objects. There are sometimes "curses" attached to the story also. Like "The Hope Diamond". Lately, saying an object is "haunted" will sell better on Ebay then a plain old piece of junk. Just give a crazy story to it and "presto" somebody buys it for more then it's worth. To give you one story of an haunted object is "Robert the Doll" in Key West, FL. I saw the doll and personally all I saw was (excuse the language)one ugly a** doll. You know those old fashion creepy looking dolls. Those poor kids years ago, when you think about it. This is all they had to play with. The story goes: This doll belonged to a little boy in the late 1800's. And, if anything happened or went wrong. He would blame it on Robert. So, the parents got sick and tired will all the happenings going on. The sent the doll to the attic. Well, Robert didn't like that so he started to scare the neighborhood kids going to school from the attic window. When the boy's parents died. He brought Robert back down. He got married. His wife got spooked by Robert. And, sent him back to the attic. But, do I believe the whole story behind the doll? Nah!

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