Monday, June 8, 2009

Which is More Haunted? Town or Country?

Isn't it strange that all the haunted locations are at places that are less populated. Did anyone else noticed that? It's a little bizarre to me. Coming from NYC. We know that almost every corner has a history of some sort of demise happened. In an apartment house that I lived in. A woman jumped out of a 5th Floor window and died right at the entrance to the building. Two men were murdered at the floor below me. And they weren't found until three days later. You really can't escape it if you wanted to. And, two blocks from my house was one of the largest cemeteries in NYC.
And, I also notice that many ghost investigators and forum users are based in small towns. I think people from big city are so used to living with the spirit world. We just ignore the bangs, the shadows, the touches. It's everyday life. The lower part of Manhattan is one of the most haunted locations in the world. In a tiny concentrated area. And, yet no one ever talks about "hauntings" in large cities. Or, in apartment houses. It's always some small out-of-the-way location that we never heard of. When I used to go home on the subway in NY (this is years ago)I remembered having to work late. And, I would be the only person on the platform. This is no joke. I can hear steps of someone walking on the platform very clearly. But, I just got use to it.

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