Monday, June 15, 2009

Went to a Paranormal "Meetup" Yesterday. Oh, Boy!

Sorry, guys it was another busy "long" weekend for me. Anyway,I joined this Meetup group online. Been with them awhile. But, never been to any of their Meets. The have 698 members so I thought they must be a well organized group. Well, I was wrong!
They been around a long time had already had about two dozen or so Meetup's. Including trips to haunted locations and paranormal investigations. So, I thought this would be great for me and my husband to do during the summer months. I signed for my first Meetup that was to talk about false paranormal groups. Groups using the paranormal for other purposes. Like selling equipment that don't work. Things like that. It was quite a distance for me to get to their venue. And, I drag my son along. He had to travel from where he lives to meet us. It was in back of a Natural Food Store. It had a prefect enclosed area for meetings. But, it was a mess in there. A vacuum cleaner and other "junk" in one area of the room. Chairs thrown in the middle. A queer corner for the speaker to stand. It was just a plain old mess. We walk in about 10 minutes late. But, I noticed right away there was a woman running "this" group about 10 people. But, she was doing psychic readings? I found out it was another meeting going on. So, where's everybody, of the 20 that should show up for mine? So, everyone left. And, this small gentleman sat down in the center of the room. I found out the original speaker had an operation. So, this poor man was running the meeting. But, he had no clue what to do or say. It was embarrassing. I think he was slightly retarded. Which made this all the more sad. Then another gentleman came in to sell DVDs about the paranormal. And, another gentleman came in from the street. We left after 10 minutes. I emailed the organizer about that he should have canceled. He said he can't do that on Meetup. Needless to say. I dropped the group from my list of Meetup's. And, I would be more cautious the next time. Don't be fooled by how many members they have. It's a little like Myspace. It doesn't mean a thing.

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