Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paranormal Terminology. Whatttt?

This is a subject I tried very hard to dodge. Because I plainly don't get it? And, who determine these terms? OK, Apparition I could understand. But, Vortex? Do we really know there's one? Or, Residual Haunting, the meaning, doing the same "thing"-like movement, over and over. Are they positive about that? Poltergeist and Intelligent Hauntings or Inhuman Entity. OK, one is suppose to be worst then the other? But, their all "ghosts" right? As living human beings we don't give ourselves different names. Now, now, don't go there, Lol! I mean were Humans. Ectoplasm, this to me is hogwash. Orbs? Is there really such a thing? Astral Plane, well there some religious believes on this one. Apport, don't ask.
There's ton's more. But, when, who, and how did this all get started? Or, is this just a way for a person to get someone to listen to them. Or, to just make a quick buck. By writing books, holding classes, getting clients. Big business. There are other terms as well. Like, Cold Spots, EVP, Thermal-Imaging and on and on. But, do we all realize that all this is based on "air" or to a skeptic "nothing". Don't get me wrong I'm a believer. But, at the simple sense of the word (because of my own personal experiences). I don't even know why a true skeptic would get involved in any of this other then they want to "truly" have an experience of their own. Or, make money. Like a "Parapsychologist". Yup, another word to throw out there. But,why?

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