Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to a Haunted Location, over and over again! Oh, brother!

Lol! What is it lately that on TV programs, books or even magazines repeat the same story over and over again. I'm thinking to myself, "OK! I got it already! Can we move on the something different!". Being in the Philly area is amazing what stories are around. And, you think, "Why isn't anything written on this? Or, that!" I mean, I'm even thinking of writing a few on here. So, I'm not going to go to much into that now.
But, let's talk about the "why?" they keep repeating the stories. Can it be that they are not allowed to go to some of these locations? Or, they rather play it safe by writing or talking about places that people or the general public know about? It does make you think. My husband is into the Civil War. He buys books and magazines on the Civil War. I don't get it? It's repeating the same story, isn't it? The show Paranormal State believe it or not. They stick to being different. Meaning they don't go to familiar places or repeat themselves. Applauds to you. Ghost Adventures are pretty good. But, their falling into the same pitfalls as the other shows. A lot of mags that are around are just rehashing the same story. I'll just read them in Barnes & Noble or Borders. It's not worth buying. Books? Fiction seems to sell better. It's so sad there are many great stories to be told. So, will see if I'll write a few here.

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