Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Can't Ghosts Where Sunglasses?

Many people ask the same question. Why can't you do an investigation in the daytime?
The funny thing about that is. Most people that have had a personal experience had it in the daylight hours. Not during the "bewitching hours" which usually investigations are done. In the darkness your eyes play tricks on you. Because our eyes are usually are adjusting constantly. I would love an opthamologist take on this matter. But you have to understanding? During the daylight hours we see things as they are. I have had several personal experiences. All during the day. Me, I can walk in pure darkness. And, not see a darn thing. So, I always question the validity of these TV investigators finds. Oh, seeing "things" in the middle of the night is based on science alright. Medical science. How our eyes operate. Now, they'll say, "Oh, we have all this equipment that pick up what we can't". But, the equipment is not a 100% accurate. They said that themselves. The Thermal Imaging is interesting. But, the idea of feeling a "cold spot". And, the entities grabbing energy from batteries. And, in turn creating "heat"? That's what you see on the thermal, so they say. But, to produce that kind of heat you need a 98.6 degree and above reading to get that deep red on the thermal. With those dinky batteries? I don't think so. Give me proof from a "daytime" investigation. And, then I'll believe them.

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