Monday, June 15, 2009

Skeptics, What a Confusion?

I've been involved in what was called originally the supernatural a very, very long time. Like I've said before, it was all very hush-hush. You would be seen as a fruitcake, crackpot, etc. Since the onset of all these paranormal shows. A new brigade of people came on board. People that once just saw all this as Stephen King novel painted it to be. A story. But, people like myself that have had personal experiences understand better. We are believers, but, we do see things first skeptical. Meaning, you don't believe in "everything" you see, or hear and feel. But, these "skeptics" are people that just don't believe in anything paranormal. And, try to prove so by buying all this equipment. Some of it is just plain garbage that someone put together. Of bits and pieces they have in a old shoe box in their basement. Or, garage. Maybe pieces out of old toys. They're making some fast bucks. On pieces that cost them maybe $15.00 to make. But, they charge hundreds. Buyer Beware!
But, why are these "skeptics" involved, for what? To win an argument? To prove that there nothing out there, once and for all? Or, is it, to have an "experience" and make money on it. Remember, we believers are seen as being bias to the paranormal. So, does this mean if a "skeptic" has an experience it has more creditability then a "believer"? I really believe this is the case in a nutshell. Let's put it this way, having my first experience came to me. Like many believers. I didn't go to it. As for the old time skeptics. Like Randi, they were skeptical in everything from soup to nuts. And, that's ok, I respect that.

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