Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, You Must Be Psychic! Not!

This is another topic I really don't like discussing. Now, not because I don't believe some people have this "gift". Even myself, I'm a sensitive. But, that's for another day. The reason is, if people don't believe in ghosts. They believe in psychics even less. A true psychic doesn't waste your time and theirs. They'll talk about an "impression only" when they think it needs to be said. At the Meetup that I spoke about previously. There was a woman doing readings. I sat there listening to her. And, I knew she was a fake a mile away. All she did was ask the very basic questions. Or, say simple statements. Like, "You didn't flush your toilet today!" as an example. I felt like jumping up from my chair and scream, "Fake!". But, of course I didn't. Only two shows now show psychics, Most Haunted and Paranormal State. And, they have been criticised for using them. If any of you watch MH. You would know what happen with Derek Acorah? He was banished from the show because false information was given to him ahead of time. And, he repeated it. Some people still love him. But, he hurts those who are worth a grain of salt. David Wells was a true psychic. And, a good one at that. He wasn't overboard. And, he went to the point in an investigation. On the other hand on Paranormal State you have Chip Coffey. Him I'm still not sure about. I would lean more that he's more like Derek. This is a very tricky subject. But, if you meet one, don't give them any information. If they ask? Get up and walk out. And, if they give you "general" information, fagataboutit! Run!

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