Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is A Place Haunted Or Cursed?

I would think that every foot of the earth is haunted. But, why is it that we don't see hoards of ghosts wondering around. Or, is it that a certain places are just plain cursed? Some people during life have a miserable time alive. That, I think, hauntings are just a continuation on death their misery. And, the place where they last lived their days capture the misery of the persons soul. This is just another theory. Believe me, there are many high strung people out there. I believe it wont end when their dead. Not by a long shot. If you notice, it's the energy that they carried might be what is the answer to why spirits exist? I think if a person has an understand about "life" they can die a peaceful death. And, move on. If there are several spirits haunting the same place. It's just the general "vibe" your picking up of these people during their lives living there. In that particular place. And, still living on in the problems and hard lives they had when they were alive living there. What spirit would go back a do a "residual" haunt? It's the "stress" while alive that keeps them coming back again, and again. It's sad when you think about it that way. I believe when people investigate a place. You have the responsibility to help these poor souls rest. By a prayer and tell them it's ok to move on. It's a kind of mean to leave them that way. Forever.

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