Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did the Paranormal Field Becoming the "IN" Thing to Do?

Did you know when Paranormal Investigating got started? The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in London, England in the late 1880's. At the turn of the century only a few hundred people worked in the field in the whole world. F.W.H. Meyers wrote The Census of Hallucinations in the late 1890's. And, also written Human Personality and Survival of Bodily Death.
Not giving my age away. But, I remembered this field being seen as a lot of hocus pocus. No joke! Someone like myself who was brought up understanding this field knew that the people "outside" would never understand what this was all about? I was brought up to, "Don't talk about it. They'll think your crazy!". People always talked about haunted houses or tales. But, personally I think this whole new notion of paranormal investigating started with Scooby Doo. Then Ghost Busters. Which started as a joke. But, it impressed the young kids at the time to the point when they grew up they made it "real". Notice how young all these investigators are? They watched the show. And, saw the movie. But, is this an actual science that they are trying to do?
To me all these haunted locations seems to take the back burner. Which is a shame. And, all these, so called, investigators all became TV personalities. We know them by their first names, for heaven sakes. But, do we really remember the "ghosts" or the "locations", the "stories". No, not really. I'm bored of watching these TV personalities walking around locations, and the cameras looking at their faces for a whole hour long show. I want the juicy story of the location. And, the people who lived there.
Now, your getting every Tom, Dick and Harry involved in the field. Is it to "really" understand the paranormal or the location and ghosts. Or, is it to get "famous". And, for people to recognized them walking down the street. And, signing autographs.
To me this is not the true supernatural field I remembered as a child. The real deal.

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