Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nightmares, Are they Real? Or, just a Bad Dream?

As a child I use to get pretty bad dreams. Thinking back, I think it was the movies and TV shows that did it. Had two closets that were near my bed. I thought any second someone was going to pop out with a scary face. Now, I'm not afraid of walking around in pure darkness. Doesn't bother me at all. Now, if I was trying to see something in dark. I believe it is what they call "matrix's". That your eye focuses to see something familiar and programs that to your brain.
But, for the past, say, twenty years. I have been having dreams of things yet to come. Now, don't laugh, this is true. For me that is. It's the most bizarre thing, ever. And, the dreams are very vivid.
My son is another story. He has been having for the past four years. Something that people would call a "succubus". A female demon. I know for you guys that don't believe in demons. It's like, "Yup, she's a strange one. Let me go to another blog!". Let me put it to you this way. I'm not that big into that idea either. But, it blows my mind. What he goes through. Some people would say, "Maybe he's on drugs. But, you don't know." True. But, I have to give him a shadow of a doubt to be fair. But, there are people that believe in this theory. Like Paranormal State. Ryan is always talking about demons. Heck, they follow the guy. I think dreams are way too complicated still to understand.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Haunted "Fun" Houses, Wow, they've changed!

Originally haunted houses in Amusement Parks were just a "tiny" ride of rinky-dinky two-seaters. That would do an S-shaped loop of so call, scary stuff popping out from the sides (usually dirty, they haven't been cleaned in years). And, at the end of each turn some silly big thing would lean over to scare you. Very boring!
Then it was in the '70s that really started the "new" haunted house idea of having "actors" walk around scaring people. At first "real" empty houses were used. But, a lot of injuries started to happen because of the condition of the houses. So, there was a clamp down by the states, I guess, at the time. I went to one of the best haunted house's at the time in the east coast at Long Branch, NJ. Forgot the name, but, it was huge. I think three stories high. But, there were few exits for those who wanted to get out if it gets to intense for them. Laws were changed after the fire at the Great Adventures haunted house. When I went, my sister, two nephews, and my mother thought it would be fun. Personally, it was too much. The actors at the time would touch people to an extreme. They wouldn't stop, even if you told them over and over. Some poor people got followed through the whole time. Very poor visibility. My mother hit the guy that kept touching her with her huge purse.
Now, Haunted Houses are a huge business across the country. Here, in the east coast, in NYC there's a couple during Halloween that are really professional, with real actors. And, at Philly Eastern State Pen does the same. But, you pay a pretty penny for the fun. Now, when I come to think of it, which is better? A real haunted house, or the one with the paid actors?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creepy, Spooky, Scary, Movies Gotta Love Them

Movies, the spookier the better I'd always say. I remembered living in the Bronx (yeah, where Yankee Stadium is)as a young child my mother taking me the the movies. My sister was eight years older then me had her date to go to the movies with. And, my father hated going. So, I landed going with her. In those days you had two movies for one price. First one was what we use to call "B" movies. The second one was the main attraction. So, I remembered watching Sci Fi pictures that were poorly made. But,some weren't that bad. Monthra, Master of the World, King Kong vs. Godzilla, The Brain that Wouldn't Die, these were the "B" movies. Then we would have Intermission with a cartoon. Then the main movie. Thinking back, I wouldn't have taken my son to some of these pictures. There were no ratings back then. And, yes, I had nightmares. Many nightmares. But, I remember those movies fondly. My all time favorite is "Carnival of Souls". It was a creepy black & white film. And, it was filmed during overcast days. Which gives that eerie feel. I highly recommend it. It's on Hulu. Second, is "The Haunting" very smartly made picture. You were in the main character's mind. Watching, seeing, hearing what she was experiencing. Love it! All the other movies I had watched during that time were: The Little Shop of Horrors, Psycho, Village of the Damned, Dr. Blood's Coffin, The Pit and the Pendulum, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Birds, The Crawling Hand, The Raven, Hush, Hush, Sweet Charotte, Masque of the Red Death, to name a few. Vampire pictures I loved also. With Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.
They hardly make horror films like they use to. Now, some of them are just plain downright sick. And, that's not fun to watch. And, no story line.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Paranormal Investigations

This idea of "investigating" places is to prove there is a true haunting. Was started by The Warrens. You might know her an Lauraine Warren on Paranormal State. Her, and her husband started doing this around 1952. Not that terribly long ago as one might think. John Zaffis is her nephew. And, he was the one that trained Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters. Hans Holzer too had done a lot of investigations with medium Sybil Leek around the same time as the Warrens.
The first ghost hunters. Worked just be "feelings" alone. Whether being a sensitive or a medium. Or, both. Which is ususally the case. At the turn-of-the-century you had people that ran seances. But, you had to go to "them". But, the Warrens were one of the first to go to a haunted location.
The recent influx of paranormal investigations is due to groups using equipment to prove hauntings. Like I said on an earlier post. I said that I'm not to keen of the usage of the equipment that were originally made for something else. Being use for this purpose. They are not accurate.
Groups were springing up left and right since Ghost Hunters start on TV. Now, a lot of these groups are shutting down. The equipment is horribly expensive. $10,000. for a Thermal Camera alone. They are not suppose to charge for an investigation. But, can get involved in fundraisers. Some recent investigators have been robbing homes (people just using it as a front).
So, the question is? Which is the best way to investigate? Or, should anyone really investigate at all in the first place?
I believe it's your own personal experience that really counts. Or, just buy a book that talk about haunted places, stories from other peoples experiences. Nothing really shouldn't have to be proved.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are We Living In A Paranormal World?

I love "Most Haunted". Their way more entertaining then the US shows by far. Karl the Producer, Yvette's husband (that's the name of his website also) started last June "The Paranormal Channel" 24/7. They also run twice a year seven day Lives. We can only watch them on Youtube. Hate that! They even have the "Screaming Banshees" and "Whines and Spirits". It seems that in the UK their way ahead of us here. Here the shows seem more sluggish. They don't even attempt to freshen it up. To much in-house fighting, like Jason with Brian (that got boring real quick).
There seems to be a lot of "copy cat" going on here also. Mainly, the American shows steals ideas from Most Haunted. When I see this I'm thinking, "Can they come up with new things on there own? For Heaven Sakes!" Like, MH started with going inside crypts, or morgue freezers. Then, Ghost Adventures copies. Then Ghost Hunters. Please, people, don't do that again. It makes you guys look bad. Then Ghost Hunters started Ghost Hunters International (maybe this started because of Steve's phobias, lol!). Mainly because Most Haunted has Most Haunted USA. I'll give credit where it's due. And, Most Haunted, wins!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Books on the Paranormal

All my life I loved "spooky books" as I called it when I was a child. About haunted house, ghosts, the undead, etc. My favorite is Sleepy Hollow. But, as I got older I was beginning to understand that there were differences. That books were based on Fact or Fiction. To find out that Sleepy Hollow wasn't real, hurt. I started to separate my books. Then I started to read Hans Holzer. His books were based on really hauntings. I was fascinated. When I reached High School. I went back to fiction. The Exorcist, Stephen King novels. I was hooked. After having grown my child up. And, he's an adult now. I'm reading, now, Ghost Hunting. Yeah, by the TAPS guys (I'm not that crazy about them). Just to know how they run their baseline to gather evidence for real hauntings. I'm almost finish. Weird Hauntings by the Weird New Jersey guys. That's the next one I'm going to start read.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghost Tours

It use to be that "ghost tours" were only in the place that you were visiting. Let's say for instance, Morris-Jumel Mansion in NYC. The person that was in charge of watching the place. Would also give you a tour. You got more bang for your buck. You can ask questions one-on-one. And, you would get more "inside" info then you can ask for.

Now, it's a money-making machine. It cost a pretty penny. Usually, 90 minute tours. No time to rest. If you lag behind, your out. You land up always trying to get to the front so you can hear the tour guide. The more further back you are the more talkative everyone seems to be. Or, you can go on a double decker bus. That you zoom by places. You have to be on the top and front for the best seat. And, if there are too little people on the tour they push you to the next. Or, call it off at the last minute. And, quite frankly, there not that good. They also have ghost "hunting" tours. Their just as bad.

You do better off going online before you visit. Print up your own tour. Get maps and read books as well. You'll enjoy it much better. And, you can eat, sit, freshen up and continue.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do Ghosts Wear A Watches?

As of late, many paranormal groups and shows talk about "time". Meaning what time do spirits "pop" out. And, start haunting! Paranormal State says,"Dead Time" about 3:30AM. Ghost Hunters, between 2:30AM to 3:00AM. And, it's always been said that the "Bewitching Hour" which is 12 midnight.
Do I believe ghosts only come out at night, No! I've seen shadows in the daytime. Mainly around noon (yes, I've checked to see if something else is causing it first). I've heard rapping and talking. People will say it's animals (no different then the evening). Or, talking? They would say it's your neighbors. And, what about time zones. They know?
And, if something happens the same time, same day. What happens when we change our clocks, forward or backwards? Or, Leap Year? Do they know when to change their habits, too? I doubt that.
So, the question is: Is there a really science to this? Or, can you prove of a time and day of a haunting? No, I don't think so
However, it is true. That in what we call "The Night Shift" hours. It's more quite. Less traffic, less people and animals.
But, they shouldn't say this is the only time. And the exact time to check for paranormal activity. They should just throw that bit of evidence out the window.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Occult? My take on it.

Again, it brings me back to NYC. And, my personal experiences. I was taught not to trust gypsies. I could understand why? A very good majority are not psychics or real readers. They do this for money. The amount starts small and then increases. So, I don't go to them, at all. I believe to have a reading. You have to have some psychic abilities of your own. Because you can sense if the person giving you the reading is "real". You have to go on your "feelings". Tarot card readings, you do better doing this yourself. And, it's not that hard. If you find that too difficult. Then use what is call (it's funny don't laugh)"Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards" it in an orange box. They are great for beginners.
As for mysticism. That's were herbs, candles and prayers. I have smudge my home. Holy Water and Sea Salt to each corner of my house. Buddhas in my home too. People say, "That's going to far." Really, you go to church to receive the body of Christ. You light candles and pray. It's the same thing. This is all in a different form.
So, there's shops all around that carry all these items. Their online also. And, spells. I'm not so into that. Not the voodoo. I'm afraid of that. I'll write more about the shops.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ghosts? Souls? Are they different?

Oh, Boy! This is another issue. We call the idea of "ghosts" so many names. It's hard to know if there's a difference. Or, is it's all the same? Just plain confusing. At least for me that is.
Now, does anyone notice the word "soul" is never, ever brought up as of late. But, yet we have Old Souls Day, selling your soul to the devil, body and soul, saving a person's mortal soul (mortal, hum? That's another confusing word), etc.
And yet all these things are never put side-by-side. Because, here we go, ghost are called "spirits", and spirits are seen as "souls", and in religion were always talking about the "soul". So, isn't this going full circle? But, then you get the other side of the coin. People that don't see one being the other?
To me, I see a ghost (spirits) being the same as the soul. It's a continuation of the person without the body. I think I made that clear enough. But, somehow it lands up being this huge mess of ideas. Now, I know some people don't put religion in the mix because their an agnostic, or atheist. But, they some how believe in the paranormal. To some degree. I don't get it? But, then again. That's why the "scientific" idea comes to play. Mostly when their asked if they believe in ghosts? It's really a way of answering that question.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Religion and the Paranormal

Now, this is a very touchy subject. And, I can only write is a tiny piece of the puzzle. It always amazes me how you will get people all angry and hostile on this topic. It's very much like politics. I would say I'm a very spiritual person. I didn't go to church as a child (Roman Catholic). It drew me in. And, so did other religions. Most of my friends were Jewish, Greek, Korean, Indian, and many more. So, I spent many hours in each of their homes. And, was very welcomed. I love learning and understanding each of their faiths. I really think this is something of a calling in my life. I guess?
As, for the paranormal? It's like I said before a lot of it is my own personal experiences. And, what I was exposed to as a child. I see religion and the paranormal as being together.
But, it's a little surprising see people doing this separation. I don't know how that all got started? Each of these religions, no matter how small has some spirituality attached to it. They believe in symbols, metals, books, rituals, prayer,and spirits, to some degree.
So, aren't these other religions (as stated above) the same as the Occult religions, or American Indian and others with their belief in spirituality? I personally can't put that sort of separation. I just can't. So, when I read these magazines, forums, etc. They just jump over the subject. And, just run into the "scientific" end of it. To me their missing a huge piece of that puzzle. When you go to write something touching on this topic, it's always, "Huh?". I'm going to write more on this subject in the near future. Because there is plenty more where this comes from.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you believe in Magic Spells?

Because of all these paranormal shows. There's a new following of people that would never cross "that" doorway to the other side. I mean. You can see that there's seems to be this new growth of people that believe in the skeptic/believer idea, about spirits. But, don't want to discuss "EVER" the occult. Meaning, bringing in psychics, tarot card reading, candle/incense burning, palm,tea cup,crystal ball readings, smudging. Oh, and the cherry on top, the use of spells. You see forums endlessly talking about "everything" short of talking about nosebleeds, lol! But, talk about any of this mumbo jumbo. And, your just considered a "kook". They always complain about two shows, all the time. Most Haunted and Paranormal State. The reason is? Because they use psychics and prayer on the shows. They love Ghost Hunters because they are totally scientific. Really, their not. Read their book "Ghost Hunting". And, it's another ball of wax.
But, getting back to the idea of spells. I see this hand and hand with the spiritual world. To get rid of something like a spirit. This is the only way you can do this. Do I believe a person can put a spell on you? Yes, they can. They put their whole heart and soul into a "feeling" to harm you (it can be done to do good too). It's no different then a person praying for something bad to happen to you. It's very powerful. All sorts of religions believe in spells of some sort. I'm Roman Catholic. We take in the body of Christ in a waffer. Incense in the church. Or, use candles and the rosary to do a 7 day novena. It's all the same. But, that's my own belief.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Occult? Or, UFO's? Which is more Paranormal?

Sorry, guys! Been busy this weekend.
There always seems to be a little confusion on what's the meaning of paranormal is?
of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

Growing up in the '60's. We never heard of the term "Paranormal"? It was always "Supernatural". When I was growing up I remembered going with my mother to the "Gypsy Tea Room" on 42nd and 5th Ave. in Manhattan. As, you walked up the steep stairs leading to it. I could smell the soup. Homemade, yum! By the way, there's no one there that's an actual gypsy. You would be greeted by a very friendly old woman that would give you a ticket with a number. You sat at a booth (there were several) facing the New York Library and 5th Avenue. Someone would give you a tiny menu. Always a lunch menu. Soup of the Day, and sandwich's, pie, coffee, tea or milk. As you ate your small meal. And, slowing numbers would be called and you would be taken to a "reader". There were about 10 in smaller one seat booths. You had your choice of Tarot or Palm Readings. There were women and men readers. You would always see these women from shopping on 5th coming in for readings as part of their day trip to the city. Later, I'll get into other "occult" situations that I was involved in.

As for UFO's. I away saw them as being part of science fiction. I remembered all the shows on TV, and movies I use to watch. Never saw it as a "combo" with the supernatural? It just wasn't put together?

I believe there is some living form elsewhere? I mean it would be silly not to think so. Unless your super religious. Then you would say absolutely not. So, I see these two trains of thought as being different.

So, going back to the "paranormal". It's the why are they seen as one and the same?
It comes down to how you personally feel about it. The younger you are, you see both topics as being the same. The older you are, there not.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Haunted Sites Pt. 2

Many people are skeptics. To the point that what the bottom line is: They never experienced ANYTHING! Period. So, they judge that what everybody is talking about is just pure hogwash! Some of these sites, even if they "say" is haunted, I don't "feel" anything is present. Noticed I said "Feel". I'll talk about that later about Psychics. Some places you walk into them. And, it just hits you square in the face. Hard. You know there's something there. At the Burlington County Jail (Prison)it felt just like that and worse. I walked up those steep stairs going up to the main floor. Their was a guide there at the front cashier/and gift shop, by herself. It was a beautiful day out and all the windows and doors were open. But, the place was so quite, not a sound of a bird, nothing.

I stopped dead in that center room. And, couldn't walk no further. That never happened to me before. Not even at Eastern State Pen in Philly. I felt someone tugging on my clothes there at ESP. But, that was about it. But, at BCJ. I felt so sick to my stomach. And, thoughts were running in my head. Like seeing what has happened in the place. In "feelings". Then the floor. Which by my the way is made of cement, was shaking. Like a rattling under my feet. I asked my husband on the side if he was feeling the same thing. He said, "Yes! But, not the shaking." The woman said we can go on tour by ourselves. I said no. But, I did asked her what was underneath me. And, did anything happened there. She said, "Oh, yes! There was an inmate that killed a guard right under where your standing. Do you want to go and visit? And, there's a gallows outside right behind you too! And, you see that lone tree all the way out there in the corner of the yard. An inmate is buried there after he was hung!." I said, "No thanks!" And, left, running. No kidding. I just wanted that feeling to just go away.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haunted Sites

I remember when I was young in NYC. My mother taking me to museums. And, old houses. There were many in NYC. For me it was great. Thinking back now, many years ago. These places were empty! You had it all for yourself. So, it give you time to get the general "feel" of a place. Being that young, my mother never spoke to me about ghosts, or anything about the paranormal. But, I would get this strong aura about the place. Almost as if someone was watching us. Some rooms would be stronger then others. Really creepy. And, this is in the daytime. You can't get that anymore. The places are either packed. Or, watched, by guards, security personal. And, your given a limit. All due the "new" influx of popularity. I live near Philly now. The place is loaded with historical places, all haunted. But, like I said. Their packed.
Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly was the last place I went to. Which where the picture is from. I'll explain more in Part 2.

Monday, May 4, 2009

To Believe, or Not to Believe!

I always say I'm a believer. I was raised on understanding the paranormal. Also, religion and the occult (bad word). My grandmother was a medium at the turn of the century. So, my mother and siblings understood this world. It was something that "normal" people don't quite understand? So, they were taught. And, me too. Not to mention this to people outside the house. It was always considered fun for other people on Halloween. Or, for other people to visit "haunted" sites. It's always just for fun! We knew better. We knew not to mess around with something you don't understand. So, from me to you. "Do your homework!" before messing around with this field. In Ghost Hunters they teach people just walk into a place with equipment. Prove first it's not haunted. And, walk out. What about praying for protection before hand and after? What about a prayer for the family or place? Are they crazy, or just lying to the TV audience.
I live outside Philly. And, there's a place called "Harry's Occult Shop". Check out the place and open your eyes. This is the really deal. That's all I can say now. I'll talk later about that. And, even if your not a Roman Catholic, or any religion that believes in the paranormal and demons. Go to the library and check about books about it first. They do believe in protection. And, they don't mess around with the spirits.

Friday, May 1, 2009


All these paranormal shows are all based on the equipment. So, why don't somebody create a show on the equipment ONLY. Like Bill Nye the Science Guy type of show. Heck with the investigators. Their just people like you or I walking around seeing beeps and lights flashing. And don't know what it means? What's needed, badly, is hardcore scientists. You would think people had enough of going through High School science. My husband is an EE. And, he can't stop laughing his head off.
You can see the "investigators" getting all excited on their findings. What findings? They don't understand "how" the equipment works in the first place. And, weather is a factor too. It sometimes effects the equipment.
The bottom line is the equipment IS the show. Period. Now, I can't get into the "tools" themselves. Because I will admit it. I don't get it. Why are these shows weighing so much on the this being 100% proof? Don't they realize someone will get wise enough and say, "Hey, let start a paranormal science show. It would wipe these shows off TV in a heartbeat.