Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Books on the Paranormal

All my life I loved "spooky books" as I called it when I was a child. About haunted house, ghosts, the undead, etc. My favorite is Sleepy Hollow. But, as I got older I was beginning to understand that there were differences. That books were based on Fact or Fiction. To find out that Sleepy Hollow wasn't real, hurt. I started to separate my books. Then I started to read Hans Holzer. His books were based on really hauntings. I was fascinated. When I reached High School. I went back to fiction. The Exorcist, Stephen King novels. I was hooked. After having grown my child up. And, he's an adult now. I'm reading, now, Ghost Hunting. Yeah, by the TAPS guys (I'm not that crazy about them). Just to know how they run their baseline to gather evidence for real hauntings. I'm almost finish. Weird Hauntings by the Weird New Jersey guys. That's the next one I'm going to start read.

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