Friday, May 15, 2009

Occult? My take on it.

Again, it brings me back to NYC. And, my personal experiences. I was taught not to trust gypsies. I could understand why? A very good majority are not psychics or real readers. They do this for money. The amount starts small and then increases. So, I don't go to them, at all. I believe to have a reading. You have to have some psychic abilities of your own. Because you can sense if the person giving you the reading is "real". You have to go on your "feelings". Tarot card readings, you do better doing this yourself. And, it's not that hard. If you find that too difficult. Then use what is call (it's funny don't laugh)"Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards" it in an orange box. They are great for beginners.
As for mysticism. That's were herbs, candles and prayers. I have smudge my home. Holy Water and Sea Salt to each corner of my house. Buddhas in my home too. People say, "That's going to far." Really, you go to church to receive the body of Christ. You light candles and pray. It's the same thing. This is all in a different form.
So, there's shops all around that carry all these items. Their online also. And, spells. I'm not so into that. Not the voodoo. I'm afraid of that. I'll write more about the shops.

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