Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ghosts? Souls? Are they different?

Oh, Boy! This is another issue. We call the idea of "ghosts" so many names. It's hard to know if there's a difference. Or, is it's all the same? Just plain confusing. At least for me that is.
Now, does anyone notice the word "soul" is never, ever brought up as of late. But, yet we have Old Souls Day, selling your soul to the devil, body and soul, saving a person's mortal soul (mortal, hum? That's another confusing word), etc.
And yet all these things are never put side-by-side. Because, here we go, ghost are called "spirits", and spirits are seen as "souls", and in religion were always talking about the "soul". So, isn't this going full circle? But, then you get the other side of the coin. People that don't see one being the other?
To me, I see a ghost (spirits) being the same as the soul. It's a continuation of the person without the body. I think I made that clear enough. But, somehow it lands up being this huge mess of ideas. Now, I know some people don't put religion in the mix because their an agnostic, or atheist. But, they some how believe in the paranormal. To some degree. I don't get it? But, then again. That's why the "scientific" idea comes to play. Mostly when their asked if they believe in ghosts? It's really a way of answering that question.


  1. I am like you they are all the same just how you want to word it. Now some people say a ghost is the soul of someone who has died, and a spirit is something of it's own never been in the flesh like an angel or a demon.

  2. Do you see how confusing it is? You hear people say a person's spirit is broken. See what I mean? Lol!