Monday, May 18, 2009

Do Ghosts Wear A Watches?

As of late, many paranormal groups and shows talk about "time". Meaning what time do spirits "pop" out. And, start haunting! Paranormal State says,"Dead Time" about 3:30AM. Ghost Hunters, between 2:30AM to 3:00AM. And, it's always been said that the "Bewitching Hour" which is 12 midnight.
Do I believe ghosts only come out at night, No! I've seen shadows in the daytime. Mainly around noon (yes, I've checked to see if something else is causing it first). I've heard rapping and talking. People will say it's animals (no different then the evening). Or, talking? They would say it's your neighbors. And, what about time zones. They know?
And, if something happens the same time, same day. What happens when we change our clocks, forward or backwards? Or, Leap Year? Do they know when to change their habits, too? I doubt that.
So, the question is: Is there a really science to this? Or, can you prove of a time and day of a haunting? No, I don't think so
However, it is true. That in what we call "The Night Shift" hours. It's more quite. Less traffic, less people and animals.
But, they shouldn't say this is the only time. And the exact time to check for paranormal activity. They should just throw that bit of evidence out the window.

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