Friday, May 1, 2009


All these paranormal shows are all based on the equipment. So, why don't somebody create a show on the equipment ONLY. Like Bill Nye the Science Guy type of show. Heck with the investigators. Their just people like you or I walking around seeing beeps and lights flashing. And don't know what it means? What's needed, badly, is hardcore scientists. You would think people had enough of going through High School science. My husband is an EE. And, he can't stop laughing his head off.
You can see the "investigators" getting all excited on their findings. What findings? They don't understand "how" the equipment works in the first place. And, weather is a factor too. It sometimes effects the equipment.
The bottom line is the equipment IS the show. Period. Now, I can't get into the "tools" themselves. Because I will admit it. I don't get it. Why are these shows weighing so much on the this being 100% proof? Don't they realize someone will get wise enough and say, "Hey, let start a paranormal science show. It would wipe these shows off TV in a heartbeat.

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