Monday, May 11, 2009

Occult? Or, UFO's? Which is more Paranormal?

Sorry, guys! Been busy this weekend.
There always seems to be a little confusion on what's the meaning of paranormal is?
of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

Growing up in the '60's. We never heard of the term "Paranormal"? It was always "Supernatural". When I was growing up I remembered going with my mother to the "Gypsy Tea Room" on 42nd and 5th Ave. in Manhattan. As, you walked up the steep stairs leading to it. I could smell the soup. Homemade, yum! By the way, there's no one there that's an actual gypsy. You would be greeted by a very friendly old woman that would give you a ticket with a number. You sat at a booth (there were several) facing the New York Library and 5th Avenue. Someone would give you a tiny menu. Always a lunch menu. Soup of the Day, and sandwich's, pie, coffee, tea or milk. As you ate your small meal. And, slowing numbers would be called and you would be taken to a "reader". There were about 10 in smaller one seat booths. You had your choice of Tarot or Palm Readings. There were women and men readers. You would always see these women from shopping on 5th coming in for readings as part of their day trip to the city. Later, I'll get into other "occult" situations that I was involved in.

As for UFO's. I away saw them as being part of science fiction. I remembered all the shows on TV, and movies I use to watch. Never saw it as a "combo" with the supernatural? It just wasn't put together?

I believe there is some living form elsewhere? I mean it would be silly not to think so. Unless your super religious. Then you would say absolutely not. So, I see these two trains of thought as being different.

So, going back to the "paranormal". It's the why are they seen as one and the same?
It comes down to how you personally feel about it. The younger you are, you see both topics as being the same. The older you are, there not.


  1. ufos are just that paranormal or esp are diffrent things. we both grow up about the same time frame that's why you outer limits,night gallery and twilight

  2. LMAO! There's got to be more people out there that believe the same as us. But,most of the forums users are "new" to all of this.