Friday, May 22, 2009

Paranormal Investigations

This idea of "investigating" places is to prove there is a true haunting. Was started by The Warrens. You might know her an Lauraine Warren on Paranormal State. Her, and her husband started doing this around 1952. Not that terribly long ago as one might think. John Zaffis is her nephew. And, he was the one that trained Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters. Hans Holzer too had done a lot of investigations with medium Sybil Leek around the same time as the Warrens.
The first ghost hunters. Worked just be "feelings" alone. Whether being a sensitive or a medium. Or, both. Which is ususally the case. At the turn-of-the-century you had people that ran seances. But, you had to go to "them". But, the Warrens were one of the first to go to a haunted location.
The recent influx of paranormal investigations is due to groups using equipment to prove hauntings. Like I said on an earlier post. I said that I'm not to keen of the usage of the equipment that were originally made for something else. Being use for this purpose. They are not accurate.
Groups were springing up left and right since Ghost Hunters start on TV. Now, a lot of these groups are shutting down. The equipment is horribly expensive. $10,000. for a Thermal Camera alone. They are not suppose to charge for an investigation. But, can get involved in fundraisers. Some recent investigators have been robbing homes (people just using it as a front).
So, the question is? Which is the best way to investigate? Or, should anyone really investigate at all in the first place?
I believe it's your own personal experience that really counts. Or, just buy a book that talk about haunted places, stories from other peoples experiences. Nothing really shouldn't have to be proved.

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