Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haunted Sites

I remember when I was young in NYC. My mother taking me to museums. And, old houses. There were many in NYC. For me it was great. Thinking back now, many years ago. These places were empty! You had it all for yourself. So, it give you time to get the general "feel" of a place. Being that young, my mother never spoke to me about ghosts, or anything about the paranormal. But, I would get this strong aura about the place. Almost as if someone was watching us. Some rooms would be stronger then others. Really creepy. And, this is in the daytime. You can't get that anymore. The places are either packed. Or, watched, by guards, security personal. And, your given a limit. All due the "new" influx of popularity. I live near Philly now. The place is loaded with historical places, all haunted. But, like I said. Their packed.
Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly was the last place I went to. Which where the picture is from. I'll explain more in Part 2.

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