Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are We Living In A Paranormal World?

I love "Most Haunted". Their way more entertaining then the US shows by far. Karl the Producer, Yvette's husband (that's the name of his website also) started last June "The Paranormal Channel" 24/7. They also run twice a year seven day Lives. We can only watch them on Youtube. Hate that! They even have the "Screaming Banshees" and "Whines and Spirits". It seems that in the UK their way ahead of us here. Here the shows seem more sluggish. They don't even attempt to freshen it up. To much in-house fighting, like Jason with Brian (that got boring real quick).
There seems to be a lot of "copy cat" going on here also. Mainly, the American shows steals ideas from Most Haunted. When I see this I'm thinking, "Can they come up with new things on there own? For Heaven Sakes!" Like, MH started with going inside crypts, or morgue freezers. Then, Ghost Adventures copies. Then Ghost Hunters. Please, people, don't do that again. It makes you guys look bad. Then Ghost Hunters started Ghost Hunters International (maybe this started because of Steve's phobias, lol!). Mainly because Most Haunted has Most Haunted USA. I'll give credit where it's due. And, Most Haunted, wins!

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  1. I like that show too, except sometimes I wonder if Yvette Fielding doesn't jump at her own shadows more often than not!