Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghost Tours

It use to be that "ghost tours" were only in the place that you were visiting. Let's say for instance, Morris-Jumel Mansion in NYC. The person that was in charge of watching the place. Would also give you a tour. You got more bang for your buck. You can ask questions one-on-one. And, you would get more "inside" info then you can ask for.

Now, it's a money-making machine. It cost a pretty penny. Usually, 90 minute tours. No time to rest. If you lag behind, your out. You land up always trying to get to the front so you can hear the tour guide. The more further back you are the more talkative everyone seems to be. Or, you can go on a double decker bus. That you zoom by places. You have to be on the top and front for the best seat. And, if there are too little people on the tour they push you to the next. Or, call it off at the last minute. And, quite frankly, there not that good. They also have ghost "hunting" tours. Their just as bad.

You do better off going online before you visit. Print up your own tour. Get maps and read books as well. You'll enjoy it much better. And, you can eat, sit, freshen up and continue.

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