Monday, November 7, 2011

New Place To Visit: "Museum of Mourning Art" Arlington Cemetary , Philadelphia

Just when I thought I knew everything about the Philly area. Bam! I found this! And I thought I would pass this along to you guys.
This museum is in Drexel Hill, PA at the Toppitzer Funeral Home, opened 1990. A huge estate that looks a little like Washington's Mt. Vernon home in VA. This is great for all you "oddities" fans.
There's a great article that is a "must read" that I will link you the website about this museum. Me? I'm planning a visit. This is something I most def have to see!

"Where Death Never Died", Matt Blanchard

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween! To All My GL Followers.

For all of my followers, Thank you! I'm still here! It's that it has been a very busy Summer. In more ways then one.  My Esty has taken the first place position before the blog.   So, soon I'm going to be combining  the two, sort of?
I have soooooo much to discuss here that it's not even funny. So bare with me. The shows, places to visit, people, and mainly the Ghosts!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are We Really "Helping" The "Other Side"?

Look, I love GA! Believe me I do! For entertainment that is. I enjoy as of late watching the "Paranormal Challenge". But, and there's a big BUT.
Something came into my mind while watching. These "spirits" were once "us".  They were alive at one time. With a life history behind them. Whether it was good or bad.
As us "living beings".  We have our everyday lives to contend with. Working, hobbies, cooking, shopping, health, family, etc.  For me it seems rather ludicrous to continuously saying your doing an "investigation". On what? The same story, same spirits, the same-the same. You know what I mean. It's never changing.
Me being a believer in "the other side" and religious. I believe once a so called investigation is done. Sit down and figure out with your colleagues. Do we help this poor spirits, cast them away to the four winds, or do we just stop harassing these poor people, and really help them. What bothers me mostly with the EVP's, these spirits are struggling to communicate. And us as the living person really don't know them, personally. So hearing an investigator getting angry, demanding, yelling. It's very painful to watch. You have to think. Would you want all these people coming into your "spirit reality" doing this to you?  How can they stop you. Yes, you get a reaction. Like a scratch. It doesn't mean their bad (I know what's said about this, and I disagree). They just want you to stop.
I would like to see future investigations training people to really "help".  I mean not saying, "Oh, it's ok here. Just learn to live together".
In mostly these old mental institutions, hospitals, etc. We should really help them to get the peace they are looking for.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking Forward For The Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge"

No, not the Amazing Randy's "Paranormal Challenge". But, Zak Bagans "Paranormal Challenge" tomorrow on the Travel Channel (What happened to Nick and Aaron? Just asking). I know some of you guys probably saying, "Isn't this like Ghost Hunters Academy?".  Not really.  I believe what Zak's is trying to do is to show us that there are other groups out there.  That run the same investigating practices as GA. I hope not "over the top"? But, that wouldn't surprise me and would be very entertaining. Can't wait!
PS: Zak has a new clothing line coming out. He's one very busy man!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paranormal Shows Slowdown? I Told You So!

Boy, like the new GEICO commercial. I've been living under-a-rock lately.
Just found out  "Paranormal State" is not coming back. I know, I know, how didn't she know about this? Well, I've been busy with what we call "life" I guess? Nothing wrong with that. But this really took me aback? I would never guess that they would leave so soon.
Lately I've notice that all these shows are coming back for each new season, longer and longer. Hey, when I heard "Most Haunted" left not long after they created a new "Paranormal Channel" in the UK. Maybe this was the beginning of a "sign"?
So, the reality is: "This was all a fad!". Oh, not for me. I've always been involved in the paranormal. All my entire life.
Let me go back in time a bit: When I first noticed that this was just a fad? Is when you noticed all these websites popping up all over the place (Including my own-I'll get to that in a second). Forums, magazines, paranormal groups, paranormal gear, paranormal newspapers, paranormal blogs, ghost tours, etc. They all seem to have something in common. They really don't have a clue about the paranormal. I mean a "real" clue. They just know what they have seen and read that has been started mainly by the shows. All of a sudden they became experts overnight. As time have been ticking by you see the "slow down". One by one, groups closing, websites stopped, less ghost tours, and so on. It's what I predicted (their just running off to "The next big thing!).
As for myself? I started this blog because of what I've been seeing. And it got me a little ticked off. So, I went on my own writing what was on my mind. And this was one of my first discussions on my blog a couple of years ago.  It came back full circle.
(I'll get back to writing about paranormal locations soon)

*"American Ghost Hunter-The Movie": Tour Tickets/Info.(Ryan & Chad)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

GL TV Review: Syfy's "Haunted Collector".

What can I say? John Zaffis is the Grand Daddy of all the paranormal investigators that are out there today (To me? It's Hans Holzer).
But to tell you the truth? He's starting out from the gate a little too late. Which to me is sad. I know there are some people out there who watched the show and said, "Who the heck is -this- guy?" "He doesn't know what he's talking about!". If you like "Ghost Hunters" then look no further then Zaffis. He was their Yoda.
Now that I cleared the air about this issue. On about the show!
I love, love, love that he mentioned about the fact that you can do an investigation during "the daytime". I have written about this issue a couple of years ago. Thank you for clearing that up!  But (and there's a big But)! As for objects retaining an imprint of a haunting (I have written about this also)? I'm very much on the fence. If this is true! Then we can blame everything that's going on with the country today on "The Hope Diamond". If that was so easy. 
All in all, I did enjoy the show! Very interesting stuff I must say. Can't wait for next week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Is It "Too Soon" To Investigate Hallowed Grounds?

GH first show of their new season is at Pearl Harbor. And I'm on the fence with this. My Uncle was stationed there during the attack. He passed away a couple of years ago. But my mother is very much alive. She remembers the fear the family lived in, day in and day out. Scared out of their minds if someone in uniform will show up at their door (my other Uncle at the time was stationed in the South Pacific also). It's still too fresh! 
I remember my Uncle like it was yesterday. He never spoke much about the War. Nobody did in the family. He got medals that he never wanted to show (just once-and that was it). There are too many family members still out there that had a loved one stationed there. That I just wonder if they think this is ok? I hope GH did this with respect. And not for ratings.

Pearl Harbor - Ghost Hunters Returns-Season 7: "The TAPS team travels to Hawaii with Josh Gates for a 1st time investigation of Pearl Harbor. Wednesday June 1 at 8/7c."

Friday, May 20, 2011

CDC: Warning Of A "Zombie Apocalypse"?

No joke! (have to laugh).  I know, this has to be one. Just read below and enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ghostbusters HQ May Soon Be Up For Sale!

Well it seems the city is closing down some Firehouses. And the Ghostbusters HQ is one of them. I can see it now, a Ghostbusters Hotel. But at a huge cost. Tribeca is a pretty expensive location.

Funny "The Lonely Island" Ghostbutt-sters Poster!

If you haven't heard the song "I'm on a Boat!".  Then you have been living under a rock. I love SNL! So I thought I'll share this with you:

Sample of The Lonely Island Video "Captain Jack Sparrow"(warning: not edited-language)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Paranormal Show "India's Most Haunted"

Sorry gang, the bad news is, it's not shown in the US. It seems India is getting into the paranormal craze! Movies, and now a TV show that premiered this pass Friday the 13th. How spooky!

Promo Video:

Article in the LA Times:,0,3536539.story

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Many Of You "Really" Believe In Ghosts? And Don't Know It?

Now I know this question seems a little odd. But, some people really do believe there is "something" out there that can't be explained. For instance: On "Fact or Faked..." they state when they depleted every avenue of reason. That what they are witnessing just might be "paranormal"? I personally believe more people then none have had an "experience" of some kind but they just can't explain what it is. And shrug it off. How many of those experiences are really the majority? I think more then we know.
So when an investigation is being done our senses are more keen to "hear/see" something. Which can be written off as just plain nerves of blood rushing to our ears (for some). Instead of a really haunting.
I think the future of paranormal investigations really have to be done a little different. Like sending a "focus group" into a location. And in turn, don't tell them that they are really there to conduct a paranormal investigation. It would be amazing to see what they would get as readings and experiences. Another idea is to have people do an investigation in a portable "soundproof" room/booth. I would love to see that!
This would be a turning point to really understand how many people out there are "really" getting true experiences. And for them to understand (or at least open their eyes) that there might just be another world out there for us to learn about. It would be the new frontier. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's New? GL News.

Sorry for not writing about this sooner. But, better late then never!

New paranormal show "Haunted Collector" with John Zaffis. Starting June 1st at 9PM. I've mentioned about his museum back in a 5/7/10 post.

Travel Channel:
"Paranormal Challenge" (No, not the Amazing Randy Challenge) with Zak Bagens. Starting June 17th. I believe it's some sort of contest. Will see!

And last!
Zak of GA new book.
"Dark World: Into The Shadows With Lead Investigator Of The Ghost Adventures Crew"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are You Ready To Download The "Ghost Radar" App!

I downloaded this little app a couple of months ago. And I'm not ready to give a "thumbs up" on this just yet. The app still doesn't make sense when using it? The words that come bursting out are just all over the place. It reminds me of going to a very bad palm reader. Just random words come flying out, and you have to make a story out of them. It's good to have a little fun with a couple of friends. What I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool is for everyone to have it turned on a the same time. Just to see what happens! I'm just waiting to go to a very haunted location (which in Philly is easy to go to). And see what I get. Then get rid of it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrow Is "Ghost Lounge" Second Anniversary!

It's amazing for me to see that this blog is still alive and kicking! So much have changed since it's onset two years ago.
Mainly in the field of paranormal investigation shows: There seems to be a bit of a slow down (which is not a bad thing). The shows were trying to keep up with "something" that is quite unpredictable. Meaning, ghosts/spirits don't always come out when you demand them to. I have lived in haunted locations all my life. And believe me "they" only come out when they want to. Which could be once or twice at most, or residual. When a location is very haunted usually that would be a demonic haunting. During many of the shows you see the investigators are always stating they "see" or "hear" something. Now we all realized it can be just "house sounds".  Or even the weather, rodents, or a floor board is loose. Ghost Adventures seem to keep our interest because they understand it's a TV show. So they understand they have to entertain us which they most certainly do.
The second "change" I have notice is that some people understand better the field of the paranormal/supernatural. It's not a field for everyone. Gee, that's like if I got involved in the WWE. I might understand it. But is it my bag to get involved in? No it isn't. I'm glad that's been cleared up.  I stated awhile ago in my blog that I was brought up in the field. My grandmother was a medium (many, many years ago). So I no stranger to this.As for "investigations" end of it - that's something new to me.
The last  part I would like to share is a funny one. Last year a hotel in NM a bar opened up. Using my blog's name (not that they realized I existed). Just to clear up something up. I'm not affiliated with them at all. I wish them well. But remember my site is used for "discussions" of the paranormal. No clubbing (but wouldn't that be fun). Just joking! So thanks again for those who stuck be me. Hopefully, one day, I can expand this to bigger and better heights!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Destination Truth" On The Syfy Channel. How Did They Pay For This Trip?

I don't know about you guys. But don't you ever wonder how these great trips are paid for?  It's just that this Antarctica Expedition-"Ghost of Antarctica" must of been a whopper of a bill. Huge, and Mind blowing! I love DT! But personally that trip wasn't worth to put my life on the limb for (if it were me). Gee! This should have been shown on NG. Not on Syfy.
I mean, they really looked like they had a great time (I don't know how with all the cold)! But the paranormal evidence was just not worth that undertaking. And as a side note: Where was Jason and Grant of GH to back up DT's evidence? Curious isn't it? Just throwing it out there.
But all in all. I really enjoyed the show!

Video of Show:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Paranormal State Returns! And Some Thoughts On Some Other Paranormal Shows.

Happy to see them back again on Monday, April 18th! The only problems is, why so long in between? I wish they can fix that up. Love their show.
Ghost Hunters season finale is coming Wednesday. And the show is a big disappointment (Love dogs. But it doesn't help the show). Also, doesn't it seem to be getting shorter and shorter the in between the season's themselves. Or is it my imagination?
As for Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. They do great investigations. But the only problem I have is: Whenever they find themselves stumped to find an answer.  Do they have to say, Gee, it might be real or It could be really paranormal? They should just say, Hey we couldn't find anything! Maybe even ask us, the fans, what do we think it can be? Would make the show more interesting. I feel like were left hanging.
On a side note: Oddities has all new shows coming back on Discovery and the Science Channel (Sat. at 10 PM). I really, really love this show. Wonder if they have any ghosties hanging around their shop?

Monday, April 4, 2011

GL TV Review: Fact or Faked Paranormal Files "Thermal Theatre"

So here we go, back to the thermal imager. Is that really a "spirit" or were "people" (other crew members) sitting on any of those seats (the ones that showed a "heat signature") prior to filming? I guess we'll never know. But it does make for great TV.
Thermals in any of the paranormal shows either the spirits are shown hot or cold. Which is it? Or, they look like a real person or a spot. Such as how it was shown on this particular show.  The only confusion I have is that when they went close to the heat spot, it disappeared. Which is odd? But, also we have realized there was editing done before airing. I'm very much on the fence with this.
As a "funny" side note: Did anyone else notice that they were all huddled together towards the ending of the segment. Were the "really" scared! Would love to know.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are The Paranormal Shows Using Gimmicks?

Even though I'm not writing as much as I use to, I still watch the shows! But lately, what the heck is going on? What opened my eyes was Zak of GA whipping his shirt off. And the GA guys half hour comedy show (so funny). Why! Then the girls of GH and GHI. What is it with the "hair". Next they'll be doing commercials for hair products? And now, today, the dog on GH. I love dogs, but again, why! In the fall it was Ryan of PS with him "coming out" (then his book came out also). And I do commend him for it. But for all these questions, why?
I guess it has to do with things just running their course. It's like for some of us (not myself *cough*) that remembered in the late '50s. All there were was all these Westerns and Science Fiction prime time TV shows. They disappeared in the mid '60s (even Star Trek). They tried to revive it. But it never worked out as they did back then. I believe "all" the reality shows are all on the same track to a dead halt (can't wait for the Jersey Shore to go).
For me it's a shame. I love paranormal shows of all kinds. Would hate to see them go. But for now, they can do without the gimmicks. Just give us a good show to watch and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Ghost Girl Youtube Video. So, Funny!

This video was shown on Spanish TV. This is based on The Ring/The Grudge movies. You have to watch this very carefully for all the reactions. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Back!

To my followers. Yes,  I'm back! Had too many loose ends to take care of.  Including myself to have a little time off.
I decided to continue to write my blog once or twice a week this time. This seems to work much better for me. And for you guys too! Better stories.
Right now I'll keep it short and sweet (maybe)!

Saw GH last night and I have to say, "What is going on?". Is it me or are they trying to hard to "look" and "act" like Ghost Adventures?  Also the "New" Truck (ala Ghost Lab). And what's with them trying to video tape their own investigations? It was pretty bad. If this is what they want to do. Then heck, take some courses at a local college. First!  They really don't look like a happy bunch do they? And what was that remark Amy said to Adam.  I didn't quite catch that?
Lately I've been enjoying GA. Fun to watch. As I said, all these shows are really just for entertainment. Can't wait for DT Live show in Ireland.