Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are The Paranormal Shows Using Gimmicks?

Even though I'm not writing as much as I use to, I still watch the shows! But lately, what the heck is going on? What opened my eyes was Zak of GA whipping his shirt off. And the GA guys half hour comedy show (so funny). Why! Then the girls of GH and GHI. What is it with the "hair". Next they'll be doing commercials for hair products? And now, today, the dog on GH. I love dogs, but again, why! In the fall it was Ryan of PS with him "coming out" (then his book came out also). And I do commend him for it. But for all these questions, why?
I guess it has to do with things just running their course. It's like for some of us (not myself *cough*) that remembered in the late '50s. All there were was all these Westerns and Science Fiction prime time TV shows. They disappeared in the mid '60s (even Star Trek). They tried to revive it. But it never worked out as they did back then. I believe "all" the reality shows are all on the same track to a dead halt (can't wait for the Jersey Shore to go).
For me it's a shame. I love paranormal shows of all kinds. Would hate to see them go. But for now, they can do without the gimmicks. Just give us a good show to watch and enjoy.


  1. I agree with you some of the reality ghost shows have gone a little over the top making you wonder if they added more to the show to make it more interesting or not.

    What I find interesting you always have the host of the show say. I just saw a ghost go by this way. But they never showed the camera pointing in that direction.

    They need to mound the camera on their heads so we can see what they see. That is just my two cents.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing.

  3. Victims of their own successes! Back when I was investigating, we didn't have any of this hi-tech gimmicky gadgetry. It was just a tape recorder and....*blah* :P

  4. Hey, did you notice now Droid-Android "Ghost Radar" App? It's getting to the point that "everything" you need is on a cell phone.