Monday, April 4, 2011

GL TV Review: Fact or Faked Paranormal Files "Thermal Theatre"

So here we go, back to the thermal imager. Is that really a "spirit" or were "people" (other crew members) sitting on any of those seats (the ones that showed a "heat signature") prior to filming? I guess we'll never know. But it does make for great TV.
Thermals in any of the paranormal shows either the spirits are shown hot or cold. Which is it? Or, they look like a real person or a spot. Such as how it was shown on this particular show.  The only confusion I have is that when they went close to the heat spot, it disappeared. Which is odd? But, also we have realized there was editing done before airing. I'm very much on the fence with this.
As a "funny" side note: Did anyone else notice that they were all huddled together towards the ending of the segment. Were the "really" scared! Would love to know.


  1. I always wondered if this show was any good. I went to and watch a few of the previous episodes. I thought some of them were pretty interesting. It made for some good TV. That is what is really great about working for DISH Network I learn about all these great features ahead of time. I can watch new episodes and old episodes of a variety of shows. Check out this link to watch some of the episodes.

  2. For the most part a ghost's heat signatures are blue (i.e. cold), but occasionally some show degrees of red (i.e. warm). In most cases where there appears to be a significant amount of red, you can almost certainly guarantee that they are people. Other factors to consider are any other heat sources, such as pipes or radiators (even when turned off). When a group of people is huddled together, it generates heat, which in turn rises and creates additional residual heat dissipating into the surrounding area. I was in two minds about this one too, but finally the skeptical side won through - only because in my experience, "ghosts" are "cold".

  3. Wulf, I'm on the same page as you. Did you see the last GA show? The shadow that was behind Aaron was "blue". One GH, however, their "ghosts" tend to be "yellow/red", it's a person.

  4. Just saw this on a rerun. Why is everything around the red spot in yellows, but when someone walks into scene, it all goes blue? Could be the equipment is just locking in on "hottest" spot. So a low-heat like in seat is shown in the red when it is warmest in the scene. But when a really warm object moves up, the levels shift.. otherwise the much warmer areas would blow out the readings. Be nice to see the film AS the person walks in, and see if colors shift as it readjusts for temps...