Saturday, February 27, 2010

Congratulations to Kris Gartland of GH. She's getting married!

Yup! Saw an interview. And on the bottom "bam". She's getting married today! I wish her well.

Again Congratulations! And, many more!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bullying In The Online Paranormal World

Hate to use the word bullying. But, lately not in the past. It seems you have groups, in any form forcing people to have the same beliefs as themselves. And, rules attached also. It doesn't seem right at all.
And, a lot of undermining goes on with it also. I don't want to speak for others. But, they are the ones who understand. They know these people make life difficult for no apparent reason. Like they have a chip on their shoulder. And, this is a way to relieve themselves of their own hurt. Which is sad to think.
People like myself are involved in discussions to meet people like ourselves. Just to get answers to our own quest. Not somebody else's questions, wants or needs. But, we can help one another.
But, it how this all works is a little frustrating in itself. You have to use different names. Or, disappear awhile so "they" calm down or you guide them to go and bother someone else. Everytime your trying to be friendly they knock you down. Or, just make you look bad to others. Story telling is a biggie. Stabbing people in their backs. Private msgs are made so they can really screw you royally behind your back. It's real bad news.
So, where does it leave us? Don't know? It's hard to dust yourself off after the mess they created. And, they know it.
It's the "why" that bothers me the most. You don't know them, personally. And, what do they get out of it.
For me it makes many of us distant from something some of us love with passion. Which defeats the purpose of meeting people that want to truly discuss the paranormal. And, that makes me mad. And, that's not me. I'm off my soap box now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghost Hunters Live: Alcatraz

On March 3rd GH is going Live on Alcatraz Island in CA. Is this going to be fun? Not sure. All their other Live's seemed to have bombed pretty much. Josh Gates is there only hope, lol. But, is it really going to help them? Don't know.
As for a "live" audience. It's at a 30 Rock studio. Back in NYC. It's ashamed that it's being done that way. Most Haunted on Living TV always do their live's with the audience at the location. And, they come in to talk to them in between investigating different rooms at the location. And, they do it in a series of several days. Different audience each time. GH's Live is only for 2 hours. 2 hours! Why so short? That's the question?
So, I guess I'll watch it. But, not thrill about it. Let you know what I think on my TV Review.
On the bottom. It listed when the other GH shows are coming back. Oh, and Josh's too!

And Now For Something Completely Different: Pizzacones

I never post anything different on my blog. But, this takes the cake! Pizzacone's are a big thing in NYC now (where I'm from) for $4.90 a pop. So, here it is folks! I have to do more of these, here and there. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video Game Works With MSN Tech And Gadget To Show Haunted Sites

Playstation 3 has a game called "Alone in the Dark Inferno". What's interesting about the game's website is that they work with MSN Tech & Gadgets.
On MSN they show you a Bing Map called "New York's Haunted Hot Spots". You can click on the red pins and it will show you the bird's eye view plus a story too of each site. Click zoom and you can see the site itself. I thought this was great. So, I'll give you the interactive site map:

Make sure you read each story with the red pin. Very informative. Fun too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Do We See The Paranormal As Dark And Spooky?

I was just thinking about this the other day. Why do we see the paranormal dark? Like dark clothes, lights out, dark detailed books, mags. Almost a Gothic Halloween feel to it. A Tim Burton, Twilight look. And, why spooky? Because we jump if we see or hear something we don't expect?
When you see people involved in other aspects of the supernatural. Their clothing are light and colorful. Bells, drums and candles. They dance and are happy. They don't see it as scary (unless the spirit is evil). When a person dies in New Orleans they celebrate. In Mexico the skeletons have flowers and smiles. They believe they are helping the spirit to a better place.
So, why the gloom? And, how did this all start? It's a puzzle? Why not light and airy? Or, happy, full of color? Or, is it for the "feel". Almost everywhere that has something to do with the paranormal. It always has a "doom and gloom" feel to it. And, personally I don't like it. My son loves some of the dark clothes with the skulls on it. But, I see it as a style. If I was a spirit I would hate to see all these gloomy looking people talking to me. No wonder some of the spirits try to freak them out. I don't blame them. I would think, "Hey, I'm dead. But, treat me like you would in real life. Will ya! Boo!".
As for spooky? I'm not afraid of the dark. But, the darkness can play tricks with your eyes. But, for some it's frightening. So, why not go in the daytime to check a place out instead.
So, are some people involved in the paranormal for the "style"? I would think that's a silly thought. But, is it? What do you think?

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver, Canada

Yes, I've been watching the Olympics. And, it had me thinking if there were any haunted places there. Yup! There is.
The Old Spaghetti Factory is a restaurant located in the Gastown district of Vancouver. The building were it's located was built during the turn of the century by W.H. Malkin Company. Known for their teas and coffees. In the restaurant is an old trolley number 53. And, it's known for a haunting of a man they believe to be a conductor. A picture was taken of the trolley with an apparition seen on it's steps. The picture is hanging in the restaurant today showing this. There use to be an underground railway track were a terrible crash happen around the location of the restaurant killing all aboard and the conductor.
People experience cold drafts, moving table settings, even seen some of the table settings bent upwards. Worker will hear their names being called. But, no ones there.
Most of the activity is after hours. One employee was sitting at a corner table. And saw a shadowy figure cross the room in the mirror while no once else was in the room.
Another ghost is seen known as the little red man. He's mostly seen in the ladies room.
Another weird thing about the building. At one time the basement was used as a court house. Where a gentleman died.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spill Movie Reviews: Shutter Island

Check under: Movies then Shutter Island. Funny Review LMAO!

TV Special: Haunted London Underground

This is a must to watch. It's one of the best haunted shows I've seen so far. So, I will pass this along to you guys. Enjoy!

TV Review: Ghost Hunters International, Rose Hall, Jamaica

This was an interesting show. I have heard about this place since a small child. And, it's known internationally as being a hotbed of paranormal activity.
But, there's a hitch. Two for that matter. The first one is that they were not trying to do their usual provoking (as they usually like to do)of the spirits to come forth. I know Dustin wasn't there,lol. But, hey, they all use to do that all the time on GH. So, I was a bit confused to "why" they didn't? Sometimes they use to use an object to get the spirit going. Nope, nothing. They went there a little "off", begin with. Maybe, because it was the last show of the season. The second is when they were investigating the dungeon. The animals and creatures become "too" alive in a very loud way at night. To the point that how can you do a "real" true investigation. Cleanly. So, my question is: When you see this happening. Don't you think it would be best to investigate, at least evp's. In the daytime? I would think so. Can't it be done in two parts? The bottom line they really didn't looked that interested. Even the woman who they were doing the investigation for noticed it.
So, for this show. We'll see if they are coming back. Doing an international show like this must cost a pretty penny. So, we shall see.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday New Orleans!

Let's try it again! As you can see I had problems with my internet connections for awhile. It was up and then it just crashed. So, I believe now I can go back to business again.
Love Fat Tuesday. But, never been to down there, YET! So, I thought I throw in a few trinkets (joke) from me to you.

First there is a great web cam going on tonight that will show the French Quarter's parade LIVE. But, I wonder if this a permanent one. Would be interesting to look at the Quarter late a night to see if you can see a glimpse of a ghost.

Next is the King Cake. Always the colors Green, Purple and Gold. There is a baby hidden inside. Whoever gets the baby has good luck for the coming year. You can have one shipped to you.

Here's a quick tour of the Haunted Mortuary. Which they claim is haunted for real (so they say).

Or, order really voodoo doll kit for good luck or love.

Here's info for those who will want to visit.

And remember to collect them beads!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will Be Up And Running Tomorrow!

My system was down all week. So, don't worry gang. I'll be back in a flash. Darn weather!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did Voodoo Have Anything To Do With The Saints Winning The Superbowl?

Now, before anyone jumps on me. This was a funny discussion I had with my son yesterday. He LOVES football. And, me, nah. But, he knows I'm involved with this blog. So, he asked me to put out there if anyone had this thought cross their minds? Were there voodoo dolls of Peyton Manning all over the stadium and in New Orleans? But, here's the catch. He said that after Katrina the Saints were changing and getting all the players you see now. Good players. How? So, we started laughing and got to talking about voodoo. Maybe, some wanted to see a turn around of their city that they love. Or, thank the Saints for allowing their stadium to be used to help those in need. Many died there. So, maybe it is a big thank you from the lost souls that day. Football will bring the city more together then ever before. And, maybe some knew this. So, why not do a little prayers or candles to make a city great again. I personally see nothing wrong with that. But, who knows if their were dolls with pins in them all over the place. If it worked for this purpose. And, some people believe in something so strongly. Run with it.
But, It's nice to see a bright light shine on a city that had seen so much darkness. Go, Saints!

Monday, February 8, 2010

TV Review: Living With The Dead, ID TV

Found this show during the snowstorm on ID TV. Originally a British show with Johnnie Fiori and Ian Lawman. Both have been on Most Haunted. And, historian Hallie Rubenhold and Paranormal Researcher Stephen Griffiths. They were going to homes of people that wanted the spirits to leave their homes. It was three 1 hour shows in a row that I was watching. And, believe me it was enough.
This show was trying too hard to be entertaining that it was just awful. Johnnie was running around screaming and cursing, loudly, all over the place. And boy, was she complaining about the spirits. Just plain annoyed at them. Ian going "under" seemed more on the creepy side then helpful (I just didn't want to watch). It spooked the homeowner. The paranormal investigator was coming across that he's a sensitive. Feeling all sorts of strange things and running out the front door. And, the thing that made this show go really "over the top" was when the homeowners would go "under". Or, getting all charged up with the contacting of the spirits. Walking with a bride's dress on a headless mannequin. They were just a bunch of oddballs.
I did find out a little more info about the show. There has been complaints that both Johnnie and Ian both knew all the information on the homes and homeowners prior to investigating. This answers why they would basically repeat everything we saw at the beginning of the show when the homeowners are interviewed before the investigators go over to the home.
For me, this was just one stinking show. And, yes it was creepy. But, not in a spooky sort of way. Now, I think I and go take a shower after writing this post.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Strange Happened This Week On TV?

On both Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International something happened that both had in common to one another. Nothing! I was a little surprise to see how they both seemed to embrace the idea with "nothing" happened, no results. They had no fear to admit it. They really somehow didn't want the folks who called them in to feel funny or odd for calling them. They were nice about it. They comfort them.
Are they acknowledging all the complaints that fans have had with maybe "fake" evidence? Or, are they going with maybe they are doing their investigations better? Or, maybe siding with a more skeptical point of view? I really can't say for sure how this came about.
Is this bad for TV ratings? It shouldn't. Isn't this what everyone wanted? A true results of an investigation? It does tend to make for boring TV. And, that can be a bit of a problem. The only way they can make it better. Maybe is to give more of the "story" behind the haunting. Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures give a whole half hour on this. So, you don't feel like you waste your time watching. But, is this what people want is the question?
If this is the new trend for paranormal TV. Then next season will be interesting. Because PS still is just doing a half hour show. Maybe the "investigative" part will be shorten? This will be something to see how this will go with the fans.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Back To My Roots In The Paranormal/Supernatural

Today I'm going down to Harry's Occult Shop in Philly to buy a candle. Not just any candle. It's a candle "dressed" for my son to get a job. I've always mentioned about taboo subjects in the paranormal. And, this is one. Dressed means they "wash" the candle with ointments, powders and write his name with a certain wooden stick with symbols. They tell you what you have to do. And, maybe other rituals have to be done also. Do I believe in this? Hey, it doesn't hurt. To me it's the same as me going to the Catholic Church and lighting a candle saying a prayer and doing the sign of the cross. Or, even doing a novena. Which is usually a seven day prayer with a rosary.
I love going to the shop with the smell of incense in the air. The automatic calm you feel as soon as you walk in. It's such a departure from the sounds of the street outside. The music which is also soothing it makes me sleepy.
But, what I really get a kick out of is the college students. They usually come down to South Street (where all the hip stuff is). They walk in like it's something "cool" to do. You always have one that is the ringleader and drags them in looking like they know what their doing. Once in, they look like lost children. They really don't understand what the shop is. They think their coming into some goth place. Thinking it will be dark and gloomy. Or, just out right "bad" or naughty. This is not the case. It shocks them. All they see is people from all walks of life. All different ages. All getting along talking, helping one another. It's wonderful.
I might just have a card reading done today.
What does this have to do with ghosts? You can find out who the spirit is. Or, find out how to get rid of it from your home. Or, just try to understand why it's hanging around you. It doesn't hurt to try it at least once.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TV Review: Paranormal Cops - The Stag's Head

Look these guys are not that bad. A matter of fact, they are entertaining. Maybe for some the cigar chomping is a bit much. No different then Steve with his Yoda tatt. But, this particular show just hit me the wrong way. That frankly I was a little surprised. Mainly because they are cops.
At the end of the show they would talk over the evidence with the owner. Which this time the owner came with his contractor. As they were discussing the evidence they started to talk about "orbs". This is another thing I'm not fond of. It could be a mountain of other things that can cause them. In this instance they showed it to the two men. And, the contractor said in a very low voice, "ladybugs". He mentioned that the place is full of them. But, the investigator "ignored" the statement and just move on. He mentioned much later, quickly, something about it. But, it was so fast I would have to check the video of the show again.
Do I think this kind of ruined the total investigation? Yes, for me it did. Your always lead to believe that every bit of evidence counts. In this case it would count against the "orb" that was shown. I know the show is brand spanking new. But, it don't matter. If the place is infested with ladybugs. Just throw the video out the window. I wish they had done that. Now, I'll be watching the show more closely. And, there's no fun in that.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Flanders Hotel, Jersey Shore

So, I thought with all the talk of Snooki and Mike "the Situation" I'll give you a haunted story from the Jersey Shore. Or, Ocean City, NJ to be exact. It's a couple of towns south of Seaside Heights.
The Flanders Hotel was built in 1923 at the time the shore's only excitement going on at that time was in Atlantic City. So, it's a perfect place for mobsters to meet from Philly, AC and NYC. So, the hotel has a couple of speakeasies, catacombs and a huge basement.
The Flanders already had paranormal groups investigate it. You can find one group's work on Youtube. And, yes they are the same group you saw in Natgeo's American Paranormal
The place is haunted mainly by one ghost named Emily aka The Lady in White. She is seen almost everywhere in the 9 story building. But, she does have her favorites, the lobby, 2nd and 4th floors, and the Hall of Mirrors. She seen as in her '20s with long brown hair. Sometimes with no shoes. She loves to dance, laugh, and sing. She seems to be a happy soul.
So, any of you wanted to go on vacation at the Jersey Shore plan a stay over at the Flanders. They'll gladly speak about their Lady in White. And, you can still make some time to go over Club Karma and fist pump the rest of the night away.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Google Group For Ghost Lounge

Well, I thought it would be nice to form a Google Group called Ghost Lounge: Paranormal Discussions.

I'll see how well it goes. It's open to all. And, looking for those who would like to moderate.

Why Blog About The Paranormal?

To answer this question is easy. When I was younger I had my close family relatives to help me answer my questions about the "supernatural". But, many have passed away. As for friends? The topic was always an offbeat conversation at most. Once in a blue moon when they wanted me to read tarot cards, or palm read at a get together. My sister, nephew and son are the only ones left that understand. Like I have written before the supernatural have always been in my family. My grandmother was a medium. Known in certain circles at the turn of the century in NYC. She was never compensated whatsoever. But, my eldest aunt found this topic embarrassing. Yes, believe or not there was a time when people would hide on this topic. Not that it's not the same now. Try talking about this without a paranormal group behind you. It doesn't work. Your alone.
I thought that by joining forums I would find that bunch of people that would understand what I'm talking about. Nope, not really. The people that are on the forums are there for "what" reason I don't know? Who are they? A couple, at most, are the real McCoy. They really are there for the same reason. And, still you get people that don't want to touch about the occult or psychics. They still find the topics too taboo. It's very strange for me to have a real conversation on every known supernatural topic in the conversation. It just never happens. And, there is a lot of oddballs out there. I wrote about a Meetup that I went to that was a pure disaster. The strangest people you can meet. So, for me the blog let's me be free to talk about a subject I have lived with most of my life.
Do I have a dream? Yes, I wish that there would be "discussion groups" created throughout the country. A society of sort. Invite "guests" to the groups. Have a fun time of it. Meet others like yourself. I believe there are many people involved in paranormal groups are just in it really just wanting to "talk" about it. Not walking around some dark gloomy place looking for ghosts. I believe discussion groups will be the future. I hope so?