Monday, February 22, 2010

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver, Canada

Yes, I've been watching the Olympics. And, it had me thinking if there were any haunted places there. Yup! There is.
The Old Spaghetti Factory is a restaurant located in the Gastown district of Vancouver. The building were it's located was built during the turn of the century by W.H. Malkin Company. Known for their teas and coffees. In the restaurant is an old trolley number 53. And, it's known for a haunting of a man they believe to be a conductor. A picture was taken of the trolley with an apparition seen on it's steps. The picture is hanging in the restaurant today showing this. There use to be an underground railway track were a terrible crash happen around the location of the restaurant killing all aboard and the conductor.
People experience cold drafts, moving table settings, even seen some of the table settings bent upwards. Worker will hear their names being called. But, no ones there.
Most of the activity is after hours. One employee was sitting at a corner table. And saw a shadowy figure cross the room in the mirror while no once else was in the room.
Another ghost is seen known as the little red man. He's mostly seen in the ladies room.
Another weird thing about the building. At one time the basement was used as a court house. Where a gentleman died.


  1. The Spagetti Company here in Phoenix AZ is also haunted. People have seen apparitions, heard voices and footprints, also saw things move.

  2. I most def will try to check that out. Is it something with the spagetti? (joke) Thanks for the info Norm.