Friday, February 26, 2010

Bullying In The Online Paranormal World

Hate to use the word bullying. But, lately not in the past. It seems you have groups, in any form forcing people to have the same beliefs as themselves. And, rules attached also. It doesn't seem right at all.
And, a lot of undermining goes on with it also. I don't want to speak for others. But, they are the ones who understand. They know these people make life difficult for no apparent reason. Like they have a chip on their shoulder. And, this is a way to relieve themselves of their own hurt. Which is sad to think.
People like myself are involved in discussions to meet people like ourselves. Just to get answers to our own quest. Not somebody else's questions, wants or needs. But, we can help one another.
But, it how this all works is a little frustrating in itself. You have to use different names. Or, disappear awhile so "they" calm down or you guide them to go and bother someone else. Everytime your trying to be friendly they knock you down. Or, just make you look bad to others. Story telling is a biggie. Stabbing people in their backs. Private msgs are made so they can really screw you royally behind your back. It's real bad news.
So, where does it leave us? Don't know? It's hard to dust yourself off after the mess they created. And, they know it.
It's the "why" that bothers me the most. You don't know them, personally. And, what do they get out of it.
For me it makes many of us distant from something some of us love with passion. Which defeats the purpose of meeting people that want to truly discuss the paranormal. And, that makes me mad. And, that's not me. I'm off my soap box now.

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