Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did Voodoo Have Anything To Do With The Saints Winning The Superbowl?

Now, before anyone jumps on me. This was a funny discussion I had with my son yesterday. He LOVES football. And, me, nah. But, he knows I'm involved with this blog. So, he asked me to put out there if anyone had this thought cross their minds? Were there voodoo dolls of Peyton Manning all over the stadium and in New Orleans? But, here's the catch. He said that after Katrina the Saints were changing and getting all the players you see now. Good players. How? So, we started laughing and got to talking about voodoo. Maybe, some wanted to see a turn around of their city that they love. Or, thank the Saints for allowing their stadium to be used to help those in need. Many died there. So, maybe it is a big thank you from the lost souls that day. Football will bring the city more together then ever before. And, maybe some knew this. So, why not do a little prayers or candles to make a city great again. I personally see nothing wrong with that. But, who knows if their were dolls with pins in them all over the place. If it worked for this purpose. And, some people believe in something so strongly. Run with it.
But, It's nice to see a bright light shine on a city that had seen so much darkness. Go, Saints!

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