Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday New Orleans!

Let's try it again! As you can see I had problems with my internet connections for awhile. It was up and then it just crashed. So, I believe now I can go back to business again.
Love Fat Tuesday. But, never been to down there, YET! So, I thought I throw in a few trinkets (joke) from me to you.

First there is a great web cam going on tonight that will show the French Quarter's parade LIVE. But, I wonder if this a permanent one. Would be interesting to look at the Quarter late a night to see if you can see a glimpse of a ghost.

Next is the King Cake. Always the colors Green, Purple and Gold. There is a baby hidden inside. Whoever gets the baby has good luck for the coming year. You can have one shipped to you.

Here's a quick tour of the Haunted Mortuary. Which they claim is haunted for real (so they say).

Or, order really voodoo doll kit for good luck or love.

Here's info for those who will want to visit.

And remember to collect them beads!

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