Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Flanders Hotel, Jersey Shore

So, I thought with all the talk of Snooki and Mike "the Situation" I'll give you a haunted story from the Jersey Shore. Or, Ocean City, NJ to be exact. It's a couple of towns south of Seaside Heights.
The Flanders Hotel was built in 1923 at the time the shore's only excitement going on at that time was in Atlantic City. So, it's a perfect place for mobsters to meet from Philly, AC and NYC. So, the hotel has a couple of speakeasies, catacombs and a huge basement.
The Flanders already had paranormal groups investigate it. You can find one group's work on Youtube. And, yes they are the same group you saw in Natgeo's American Paranormal
The place is haunted mainly by one ghost named Emily aka The Lady in White. She is seen almost everywhere in the 9 story building. But, she does have her favorites, the lobby, 2nd and 4th floors, and the Hall of Mirrors. She seen as in her '20s with long brown hair. Sometimes with no shoes. She loves to dance, laugh, and sing. She seems to be a happy soul.
So, any of you wanted to go on vacation at the Jersey Shore plan a stay over at the Flanders. They'll gladly speak about their Lady in White. And, you can still make some time to go over Club Karma and fist pump the rest of the night away.


  1. Another haunted place we haven't heard of...thanks.

  2. Yup! And, the North Pole too if you leave it to all these hunters, Lol! Nah, this one has been around. But, locally.