Friday, February 19, 2010

TV Review: Ghost Hunters International, Rose Hall, Jamaica

This was an interesting show. I have heard about this place since a small child. And, it's known internationally as being a hotbed of paranormal activity.
But, there's a hitch. Two for that matter. The first one is that they were not trying to do their usual provoking (as they usually like to do)of the spirits to come forth. I know Dustin wasn't there,lol. But, hey, they all use to do that all the time on GH. So, I was a bit confused to "why" they didn't? Sometimes they use to use an object to get the spirit going. Nope, nothing. They went there a little "off", begin with. Maybe, because it was the last show of the season. The second is when they were investigating the dungeon. The animals and creatures become "too" alive in a very loud way at night. To the point that how can you do a "real" true investigation. Cleanly. So, my question is: When you see this happening. Don't you think it would be best to investigate, at least evp's. In the daytime? I would think so. Can't it be done in two parts? The bottom line they really didn't looked that interested. Even the woman who they were doing the investigation for noticed it.
So, for this show. We'll see if they are coming back. Doing an international show like this must cost a pretty penny. So, we shall see.

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