Monday, February 8, 2010

TV Review: Living With The Dead, ID TV

Found this show during the snowstorm on ID TV. Originally a British show with Johnnie Fiori and Ian Lawman. Both have been on Most Haunted. And, historian Hallie Rubenhold and Paranormal Researcher Stephen Griffiths. They were going to homes of people that wanted the spirits to leave their homes. It was three 1 hour shows in a row that I was watching. And, believe me it was enough.
This show was trying too hard to be entertaining that it was just awful. Johnnie was running around screaming and cursing, loudly, all over the place. And boy, was she complaining about the spirits. Just plain annoyed at them. Ian going "under" seemed more on the creepy side then helpful (I just didn't want to watch). It spooked the homeowner. The paranormal investigator was coming across that he's a sensitive. Feeling all sorts of strange things and running out the front door. And, the thing that made this show go really "over the top" was when the homeowners would go "under". Or, getting all charged up with the contacting of the spirits. Walking with a bride's dress on a headless mannequin. They were just a bunch of oddballs.
I did find out a little more info about the show. There has been complaints that both Johnnie and Ian both knew all the information on the homes and homeowners prior to investigating. This answers why they would basically repeat everything we saw at the beginning of the show when the homeowners are interviewed before the investigators go over to the home.
For me, this was just one stinking show. And, yes it was creepy. But, not in a spooky sort of way. Now, I think I and go take a shower after writing this post.

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