Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghost Hunters Live: Alcatraz

On March 3rd GH is going Live on Alcatraz Island in CA. Is this going to be fun? Not sure. All their other Live's seemed to have bombed pretty much. Josh Gates is there only hope, lol. But, is it really going to help them? Don't know.
As for a "live" audience. It's at a 30 Rock studio. Back in NYC. It's ashamed that it's being done that way. Most Haunted on Living TV always do their live's with the audience at the location. And, they come in to talk to them in between investigating different rooms at the location. And, they do it in a series of several days. Different audience each time. GH's Live is only for 2 hours. 2 hours! Why so short? That's the question?
So, I guess I'll watch it. But, not thrill about it. Let you know what I think on my TV Review.
On the bottom. It listed when the other GH shows are coming back. Oh, and Josh's too!


  1. I will have to DVR it and watch it later. It competes with Modern Family and a couple other shows. Looking forward to your review.

  2. Lol! You feel the same way I do. There are other shows I would rather watch. I hear you.

  3. my name is claudia anderson and i been a ghosthunter fan for years now but i have a little problem i can't seem to sign up on the live show and would appreicate because i want to be able to be on your live show

  4. hi josh i would like know what spooky place do the ghosthunter gang find at alcatraz

  5. Sorry Cooking. I'm not with GH. I'm a fan of all paranormal shows and other supernatural stuff.
    You have to go to and sign up there. I hope that helps you. Good Luck! Your welcome here also.