Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TV Review: Paranormal Cops - The Stag's Head

Look these guys are not that bad. A matter of fact, they are entertaining. Maybe for some the cigar chomping is a bit much. No different then Steve with his Yoda tatt. But, this particular show just hit me the wrong way. That frankly I was a little surprised. Mainly because they are cops.
At the end of the show they would talk over the evidence with the owner. Which this time the owner came with his contractor. As they were discussing the evidence they started to talk about "orbs". This is another thing I'm not fond of. It could be a mountain of other things that can cause them. In this instance they showed it to the two men. And, the contractor said in a very low voice, "ladybugs". He mentioned that the place is full of them. But, the investigator "ignored" the statement and just move on. He mentioned much later, quickly, something about it. But, it was so fast I would have to check the video of the show again.
Do I think this kind of ruined the total investigation? Yes, for me it did. Your always lead to believe that every bit of evidence counts. In this case it would count against the "orb" that was shown. I know the show is brand spanking new. But, it don't matter. If the place is infested with ladybugs. Just throw the video out the window. I wish they had done that. Now, I'll be watching the show more closely. And, there's no fun in that.

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