Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Strange Happened This Week On TV?

On both Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International something happened that both had in common to one another. Nothing! I was a little surprise to see how they both seemed to embrace the idea with "nothing" happened, no results. They had no fear to admit it. They really somehow didn't want the folks who called them in to feel funny or odd for calling them. They were nice about it. They comfort them.
Are they acknowledging all the complaints that fans have had with maybe "fake" evidence? Or, are they going with maybe they are doing their investigations better? Or, maybe siding with a more skeptical point of view? I really can't say for sure how this came about.
Is this bad for TV ratings? It shouldn't. Isn't this what everyone wanted? A true results of an investigation? It does tend to make for boring TV. And, that can be a bit of a problem. The only way they can make it better. Maybe is to give more of the "story" behind the haunting. Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures give a whole half hour on this. So, you don't feel like you waste your time watching. But, is this what people want is the question?
If this is the new trend for paranormal TV. Then next season will be interesting. Because PS still is just doing a half hour show. Maybe the "investigative" part will be shorten? This will be something to see how this will go with the fans.

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  1. I don't watch Paranormal State but GHI didn't have anything going on this week. They build you up in the previews just to disappoint you after the show is over. I'm still a fan of this show and will continue to watch.