Friday, April 15, 2011

Paranormal State Returns! And Some Thoughts On Some Other Paranormal Shows.

Happy to see them back again on Monday, April 18th! The only problems is, why so long in between? I wish they can fix that up. Love their show.
Ghost Hunters season finale is coming Wednesday. And the show is a big disappointment (Love dogs. But it doesn't help the show). Also, doesn't it seem to be getting shorter and shorter the in between the season's themselves. Or is it my imagination?
As for Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. They do great investigations. But the only problem I have is: Whenever they find themselves stumped to find an answer.  Do they have to say, Gee, it might be real or It could be really paranormal? They should just say, Hey we couldn't find anything! Maybe even ask us, the fans, what do we think it can be? Would make the show more interesting. I feel like were left hanging.
On a side note: Oddities has all new shows coming back on Discovery and the Science Channel (Sat. at 10 PM). I really, really love this show. Wonder if they have any ghosties hanging around their shop?

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