Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Many Of You "Really" Believe In Ghosts? And Don't Know It?

Now I know this question seems a little odd. But, some people really do believe there is "something" out there that can't be explained. For instance: On "Fact or Faked..." they state when they depleted every avenue of reason. That what they are witnessing just might be "paranormal"? I personally believe more people then none have had an "experience" of some kind but they just can't explain what it is. And shrug it off. How many of those experiences are really the majority? I think more then we know.
So when an investigation is being done our senses are more keen to "hear/see" something. Which can be written off as just plain nerves of blood rushing to our ears (for some). Instead of a really haunting.
I think the future of paranormal investigations really have to be done a little different. Like sending a "focus group" into a location. And in turn, don't tell them that they are really there to conduct a paranormal investigation. It would be amazing to see what they would get as readings and experiences. Another idea is to have people do an investigation in a portable "soundproof" room/booth. I would love to see that!
This would be a turning point to really understand how many people out there are "really" getting true experiences. And for them to understand (or at least open their eyes) that there might just be another world out there for us to learn about. It would be the new frontier. 


  1. I found this post interesting because you're absolutely right with it. When investigators - even if they're professionals - enter a building they know is haunted, they expect to see/hear/feel something. And subconsciously they're looking for it.

    During my "active" years, I conducted an experiment and sent two groups into a supposedly haunted house. The first group knew that it was haunted, the second didn't. Both groups were told to monitor, record and log everything that they thought was relevant. The results were very interesting: the group that didn't know produced more compelling "evidence" than the group that did know.

  2. Very good comment! This is the point! I wish someone would do this. Just to show people if a place is really truly haunted. This is a proven fact. Sample: If you tell a person a room is "cold" (even though the room is really "hot"). They'll believe it's "cold"?