Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you believe in Magic Spells?

Because of all these paranormal shows. There's a new following of people that would never cross "that" doorway to the other side. I mean. You can see that there's seems to be this new growth of people that believe in the skeptic/believer idea, about spirits. But, don't want to discuss "EVER" the occult. Meaning, bringing in psychics, tarot card reading, candle/incense burning, palm,tea cup,crystal ball readings, smudging. Oh, and the cherry on top, the use of spells. You see forums endlessly talking about "everything" short of talking about nosebleeds, lol! But, talk about any of this mumbo jumbo. And, your just considered a "kook". They always complain about two shows, all the time. Most Haunted and Paranormal State. The reason is? Because they use psychics and prayer on the shows. They love Ghost Hunters because they are totally scientific. Really, their not. Read their book "Ghost Hunting". And, it's another ball of wax.
But, getting back to the idea of spells. I see this hand and hand with the spiritual world. To get rid of something like a spirit. This is the only way you can do this. Do I believe a person can put a spell on you? Yes, they can. They put their whole heart and soul into a "feeling" to harm you (it can be done to do good too). It's no different then a person praying for something bad to happen to you. It's very powerful. All sorts of religions believe in spells of some sort. I'm Roman Catholic. We take in the body of Christ in a waffer. Incense in the church. Or, use candles and the rosary to do a 7 day novena. It's all the same. But, that's my own belief.


  1. A spell can only work if you believe in it, if not it do no harm or good.