Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Haunted Sites Pt. 2

Many people are skeptics. To the point that what the bottom line is: They never experienced ANYTHING! Period. So, they judge that what everybody is talking about is just pure hogwash! Some of these sites, even if they "say" is haunted, I don't "feel" anything is present. Noticed I said "Feel". I'll talk about that later about Psychics. Some places you walk into them. And, it just hits you square in the face. Hard. You know there's something there. At the Burlington County Jail (Prison)it felt just like that and worse. I walked up those steep stairs going up to the main floor. Their was a guide there at the front cashier/and gift shop, by herself. It was a beautiful day out and all the windows and doors were open. But, the place was so quite, not a sound of a bird, nothing.

I stopped dead in that center room. And, couldn't walk no further. That never happened to me before. Not even at Eastern State Pen in Philly. I felt someone tugging on my clothes there at ESP. But, that was about it. But, at BCJ. I felt so sick to my stomach. And, thoughts were running in my head. Like seeing what has happened in the place. In "feelings". Then the floor. Which by my the way is made of cement, was shaking. Like a rattling under my feet. I asked my husband on the side if he was feeling the same thing. He said, "Yes! But, not the shaking." The woman said we can go on tour by ourselves. I said no. But, I did asked her what was underneath me. And, did anything happened there. She said, "Oh, yes! There was an inmate that killed a guard right under where your standing. Do you want to go and visit? And, there's a gallows outside right behind you too! And, you see that lone tree all the way out there in the corner of the yard. An inmate is buried there after he was hung!." I said, "No thanks!" And, left, running. No kidding. I just wanted that feeling to just go away.

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