Monday, May 4, 2009

To Believe, or Not to Believe!

I always say I'm a believer. I was raised on understanding the paranormal. Also, religion and the occult (bad word). My grandmother was a medium at the turn of the century. So, my mother and siblings understood this world. It was something that "normal" people don't quite understand? So, they were taught. And, me too. Not to mention this to people outside the house. It was always considered fun for other people on Halloween. Or, for other people to visit "haunted" sites. It's always just for fun! We knew better. We knew not to mess around with something you don't understand. So, from me to you. "Do your homework!" before messing around with this field. In Ghost Hunters they teach people just walk into a place with equipment. Prove first it's not haunted. And, walk out. What about praying for protection before hand and after? What about a prayer for the family or place? Are they crazy, or just lying to the TV audience.
I live outside Philly. And, there's a place called "Harry's Occult Shop". Check out the place and open your eyes. This is the really deal. That's all I can say now. I'll talk later about that. And, even if your not a Roman Catholic, or any religion that believes in the paranormal and demons. Go to the library and check about books about it first. They do believe in protection. And, they don't mess around with the spirits.


  1. Hello I to have been around with an understanding that we do not know everything even those that think they do. I have seen and heard a lot of strange things all my life. I have been told I used to talk to my Grandmother who died before I was born and that I told them what she looked like and wore, but they had no photos so I could not know that way. My sister and I seem to know a lot about things we should not. So I can understand how you feel you never tell what you know or "feel" people think your crazy. So thanks for this blog.

  2. I'm so glad that you like it. I have been to a lot of forums. And, the majority of people are skeptics. To the point, they just don't believe in anything paranormal or supernatural.

  3. Like I said before I seen and heard to much for it not to be real.My sisters are the same way one has seen our father and our bother after they had past. I have seen at least one person I know had daid many years ago. One of my sisters and see shadows a lot we call each other when it is rally happening a lot to be sure nothing is wrong.The other sister can walk in to a house and tell you if it is good or bad.You see it dose run in familys.

  4. See, same here. Doesn't make sense when people complain to me saying what l'm seeing is this and that. I just tell them. You just haven't seen it,..."yet"!