Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Religion and the Paranormal

Now, this is a very touchy subject. And, I can only write is a tiny piece of the puzzle. It always amazes me how you will get people all angry and hostile on this topic. It's very much like politics. I would say I'm a very spiritual person. I didn't go to church as a child (Roman Catholic). It drew me in. And, so did other religions. Most of my friends were Jewish, Greek, Korean, Indian, and many more. So, I spent many hours in each of their homes. And, was very welcomed. I love learning and understanding each of their faiths. I really think this is something of a calling in my life. I guess?
As, for the paranormal? It's like I said before a lot of it is my own personal experiences. And, what I was exposed to as a child. I see religion and the paranormal as being together.
But, it's a little surprising see people doing this separation. I don't know how that all got started? Each of these religions, no matter how small has some spirituality attached to it. They believe in symbols, metals, books, rituals, prayer,and spirits, to some degree.
So, aren't these other religions (as stated above) the same as the Occult religions, or American Indian and others with their belief in spirituality? I personally can't put that sort of separation. I just can't. So, when I read these magazines, forums, etc. They just jump over the subject. And, just run into the "scientific" end of it. To me their missing a huge piece of that puzzle. When you go to write something touching on this topic, it's always, "Huh?". I'm going to write more on this subject in the near future. Because there is plenty more where this comes from.


  1. I am looking forward to reading it

  2. Thanks! I change it up so not to get boring.

  3. I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts, but I do feel that there are beings in one form or another who are in this world with us...we may not see them but they are there.

    Did you ever watch a baby or, in my case, an 18 month old, gaze at a corner of the room or a little past you, and laugh, coo, giggle or chatter away in baby talk? They see something that we do not.

    I believe I saw an angel...only for a few minutes.