Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paranormal Forums Pt. 3

So, I'll bring up, Lurking! Why do people lurk ONLY on forums. What are they looking for? That's almost as bad as a peeping tom to me. Then all of a sudden they pop up only when it's something they can get nasty to people about. And, then run off. Sometimes there's hundreds of lurkers and two posters. So, weird.
Posting on forums is a strange life. You think you have friends. But, do you really? Who are these people. It's a kind of scary if you think about it. Who's on the other end? And, you can talk to these same guys for years.
A lot of people run to about 4-5 forums. And, I could swear they don't sleep. Their up all hours of the night.
And, you get some angry people out there. The paranormal forums are really interesting in this area. Because you have the Skeptics. And, then the Believers. Always butting heads. But, GH don't help that either. J, well let's say he's two-faced. I mean you read the book "Ghost Hunting" and flat out he does believe in the occult. But, on the show. Oh, no! I'm science all the way. Make up your mind.
Being a skeptic is easy. It's just. Show me, show me, show me! Then why on earth do you watch the shows. I wouldn't. I don't believe. I'll watch CSI instead. Believer on the other hand. It's hard to make people understand what you experienced. So, sometime these forums take a toll on you.

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