Monday, June 22, 2009

Are You Superstitious? I Am, A Little?

Now, why would I write about superstitions with the paranormal? A lot of it was created by religion itself. It's said it was made up by the elders of the community to have the young people to get involved in their religion. Mainly they became religious to "Protect" themselves from all these superstitions from their everyday lives. Some people will say it's more psychological. True! I would say that's part of it too. The "Bottom Line" it's for protection.
My mother grew me and my sister up with tons of superstitions. My sister still follows them. Me, I stopped many of them. There were just to many to remember. Don't put a hat on the bed. Don't lay on top of a table. If you spill salt, throw over the left shoulder. When a knife, fork, spoon fall on the floor it means someone is coming. But, each means a different way how they are going to arrive. If a comb falls on the floor you have to spit on it and stamp it will your foot. Same with a broom that touches your foot. Don't let a nun cross your path. Same thing about a black cat. Have a horseshoe on top of your front door. Don't have a bird in your house. Peacock feathers are bad luck. If your hand itches it means your getting money. If an eyelash falls out, put it in your hand and blow it off to get your wish. Oh, there's much more. And, these superstitions are from my family, alone.
It is also believed if you do "All" these rituals of superstition. You will keep "Bad" spirits away from you. Or, just plain stopping them from "haunting" you. Because it is seen by many that spirits are really just an omen of bad luck.

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