Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and Voodoo? Strange, huh!

Heard of his passing yesterday. It's a little sad for me. Was just listening to his music the other day. The "music" was so much a part of my younger years of my life. He will be sorely missed!
But, in keeping in the theme of my blog. Not many people knew of his involvement with Voodoo? Yes, I know what your thinking. He was involved in this too? On top of every strange stories of his life. Yes, he was. In an article in Vanity Fair, April 2003 they wrote about his "odd" behaviors. One being that in 2000 Jackson went to Switzerland for a Voodoo ritual. He paid $150,000 to have Steven Spielburg and David Geffen with 23 other people "to die" to which 42 cows were sacrificed for the ceremony. And, in another ceremony he had a "blood bath" ritual cleansing which he was involved in using sheep's blood. And, more money was spent, close to a million dollars. This is going back to all my past posts talking about people doing "spells". People find this so hard to believe. But, yes, they do. As funny and weird as it maybe. And, much more then people realize. It's a big business.
So, as strange as we thought MJ was. He was a fantastic and talented man. No doubt about it. So, again, thank you so much for the great music you gave the world. Thanks!

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