Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Haunted Toys 'R' Us Store, Sunnyvale, CA

Heard about this place a while ago. This Toys 'R' Us store was built during the '70s. And, many people claim to notice toys moving. Books thrown off shelves. Cold spots. Hearing galloping horses. Water faucets int he ladies room would turn on. And, in general, the spirit seems to just like to pull pranks on people.
A script writer for the movie Toys spent 2 nights inside. And, Psychic Sylvia Brown did several seances since 1978 there.
It's believed to be a ghost of a Swedish farm hand from the 1880's who accidentally hacked his leg. And, died as a result.
For me this story doesn't hold much weight. What about security cameras? But, there has been several paranormal groups that have been there. And their investigations seems to being pointing towards the place to be haunted.

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