Thursday, December 17, 2009

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy-Finale

Didn't know I was going to do another TV review so soon. But, I had know idea that the cadets would win spots on GHI. That was a surprise. Now how they will be used is what I don't understand. Also, are they going to be on this season's GHI show? Are they temps (meaning, a couple of shows)? We shall see. The other surprise is there is going to be a season 2 of GHA. Or, as some say, another semester. Jane is gone. Should have happened sooner.
All the Ghost Hunters shows are beginning to be a little confusing. People jumping back and forth from show to show. And, how is this going to effect GHI? Weren't these cadets suppose to go on the regular GH show? And, where was Robb's input on the cadets? I think that was a little unfair to his show. Did they tell these cadets(remember they are collage student) that they will be traveling overseas? I wonder how many will dropout in favor of actual school? I know I would.
My take on all this is, this is all about money. Being greedy. They have their foot in so many doors. That they know if one goes. There's another still there. They might as well make a Ghost Hunters network. Just get it over with. But, for me, I'm getting bored fast. To the point of not watching anymore.

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