Monday, December 7, 2009

Paranormal World For The New Year. What Will Be New?

Now, I never thought I would write about the paranormal and the New Year together? But, let's think about it a second. This pass year there has been a huge glut of shows, books, mags, radio, cons. You name it! So much so that I myself am turned off. No, really! Remember, I spoke about since the time I was born I was aware of this world. It's in my blood sort of speak. Investigations is a pretty new concept (as of late). Some people don't realize that. You hear about science also. And, about skeptics more then believers (because it's the "in" thing to be). And, the list goes on and on. But, what's the real deal?
I think this coming year is really the beginning of the end of what we are seeing? People will start walking away. Because it's something you can keep on promising and don't deliver. That's why there is so much fraud going on. Just like it was in at the turn of the century with "home seances". There was no TV back then or even radio. So, this was big. And, fakes were coming out left and right. It stopped as quick as it started. So, there is going to be a slow down and then to a complete halt.
I have been seeing too many people speaking or writing for the past few years. That personally I'm thinking? They don't know what their talking about? Their just going on what they are reading and seeing about around them "here and now"! When I hear some of these people talk at cons and fairs, etc. I always ask one loaded question? "How long have you been involved?" To my amazement they usually say no more then 4 years. Notice? Almost the same time GH or MH has been on the air. Very darn few times I hear them been involved longer then that. It's funny to hear them talking. It's like, it's my way or the highway. If I go to some of the old places where they have been having lectures for years. You hear a different story. A completely different viewpoint. It's another world.
So, my prediction will be more shows going bye-bye. A general slow down. And, that's not a bad thing.

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